ENGIE Energy Access (www.ENGIE-EnergyAccess.com) is pleased to share the publication of its white paper, “Towards Universal Access to Energy: Enabling a Multi-Technology Approach in a Mini-Grid Environment.” a blueprint for action towards achieving the ambitious Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) by the 2030 deadline set by the United Nations.

Download Document here: https://apo-opa.co/3UhWpj3

With just six years left to achieve the energy-related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the task of bringing universal energy access (https://apo-opa.co/43XaK83) to Sub-Saharan Africa within the confines of current business models is increasingly challenging. Rapid population growth, pandemic fallout, detrimental macro-economics and geopolitical uncertainties have only intensified the urgency.

In response, this white paper advocates for an impact-driven integrated approach powered by a multi-technology paradigm. This approach emphasizes the need to combine suitable technologies to address the needs of millions without access to energy while reducing the required initial investments. While solar minigrids (https://apo-opa.co/3xEDkyY) have been identified as a key component of the solution, their deployment is facing significant challenges that a multi-technology approach could solve.

Paramount is the call for collaborative efforts. Achieving SDG7 is not a solo journey. It requires the collective wisdom, resources, and commitment of industry leaders, policymakers, investors, and communities. This white paper serves as a starting point for a much-needed dialogue and joint action.

The full report can be downloaded here : https://apo-opa.co/3vV8Cky

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ENGIE Energy Access (www.ENGIE-EnergyAccess.com) is the leading Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) and mini-grids solutions provider in Africa. The company develops innovative, off-grid solar solutions for homes, public services and businesses, enabling customers and distribution partners access to clean, affordable energy. The PAYGO solar home systems are financed through affordable instalments and the mini-grids foster economic development by enabling electrical productive use and triggering business opportunities for entrepreneurs in rural communities. With over 1,800 employees, operations in nine countries across Africa (Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia), 2.5 million customers and more than 12.5 million lives impacted so far, ENGIE Energy Access aims to impact 20 million lives across Africa by 2025.

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