The awesomely creative and inspiring videos just keep coming. Here are six more additions to Afropop’s Top Videos YouTube playlist, once again spanning the endless diversity of today’s African and diaspora music and video.

Las Hijas del Rap “La Kumbia Quesana”

Here’s a find: an all-female Mexican hip-hop act. Well, hip-hop may be too limiting a term for these ladies. The daughters of rap give joyful expression to fiercely progressive, even revolutionary messages, as you can hear in their interview on the forthcoming September 23 edition of our new podcast Planet Afropop. This track is, as advertised, a rocking cumbia. If you look closely at the right side of the screen, you will catch glimpses of Planet Afropop co-host Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe, in yellow with a headband.

Stephen Marley “Old Soul”

Bob’s second oldest son has long since proven himself an exceptional producer and musician, winning eight Grammy awards, three for his solo work. This song, the title track of his new album, appears less than a year after he lost his own eldest son, Jo Mersa Marley, to asthma. The song is a deeply felt retrospective of Stephen’s own life, more folk-soul than reggae, and with this moving video, quite likely to produce a tear.

iPhupho L’ka Biko “uMama noTata”

This African jazz collective formed in Joburg in 2015. They channel the sound and spirit of South African jazz’s golden age, while taking on the many challenges of life in that country today. This live track, filmed in retro black-and-white, reveals many sides of their sound, from grooving jam boogie, to soulful ballad. Their latest album, Azania, came out in June.