Copilot Pro Logo and banner

Graphic: Microsoft

My colleague Maxwell Zeff once described Microsoft Copilot as “if Clippy went to get his MBA.” Microsoft just announced a new premium subscription to its Copilot AI, which can be analogous to Clippy getting a PhD.

Targeted at “power users and creators,” Copilot Pro promises to be an advanced version of the free tier for a monthly fee of $20. It runs across your devices (yes, on your phones, too—more on that in a bit) to deliver what Microsoft calls a “single AI experience.” During peak times, you also get priority access to OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo.

Aimed at creators and coders, it allows an enhanced AI image creation feature with Image Creator—previously Bing Image Creator. Microsoft says the new image creation software is much faster and delivers images with better detail. Through the Copilot GPT Builder—a feature that will launch soon—Copilot Pro enables you to build your own Copilot GPT with fairly simple instructions. The company hasn’t given us a date for the GPT Builder’s availability.

Introducing Copilot Pro: Supercharge your Creativity and Productivity

Microsoft has three Copilot-related announcements for us. The second big update is a Copilot mobile app that’s added to the regular, free version of Copilot. It’s now available to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and aims to provide services on the go. This might help consolidate all your Copilot queries split between your different devices.

The third big announcement is that Copilot is coming to Microsoft 365 without a purchase minimum rule. There was previously a 300-seat purchase minimum which was a limiting feature for small businesses. The Microsoft 365 mobile app will also get Copilot, allowing you to export your content directly to a Word or PDF document in the app.