Adobe is loading its range of editing software with AI-powered features.

One of the latest new features is an AI-enabled audio editing tool for Premiere Pro that aims to make editing easier for users.

As shared in a new blog post, the San Jose-based company will help experienced professionals save valuable time during editing while making it easier for newcomers to quickly access the tools they need to complete their editing tasks.

The new audio workflow is available now in beta and includes a new interactive fade handle on clips, allowing users to simply click and drag to “create a variety of custom audio fades.”

Further, a new audio category tagging feature will automatically identify and label clips with icons for “dialogue, music, sound effects or ambient noise.” The icons used to mark the clips will be clickable. Clicking the icons will give users access to the most relevant tools for the specific clip.

Additionally, when a user alters the track height on their timeline, the waveform will also automatically resize itself, making it easier to see.

“In addition to the new audio features available today in Premiere Pro (beta), Adobe’s groundbreaking AI-powered Enhance Speech tool – which instantly removes unwanted noise and improves poorly recorded dialogue – will become generally available to all Premiere Pro customers in February,” wrote Adobe.

To learn more about the new features, click here.

Image credit: Adobe

Source: Adobe