Apple’s iOS 16.4 beta made its debut this week and, although there are several missing features, a useful addition for iPhone 14 Pro users is on the way.

An update to the Battery Settings page will enable users to quantify just how much life-force the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display is draining from the phone.

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The feature reduces the phone’s variable refresh rate all the way down to just 1Hz to enable users to see display widgets, the time and a dimmed version of the wallpaper.

It’s ideal for getting a quick snapshot of what’s on the phone without waking the display, and Apple says it’s “incredibly power efficient.”

Until now, it’s not been clear just how efficient the display feature is and how much of a detrimental effect it has on battery life compared to turning it off.

As 9to5Mac points out, it has been tested independently, with results showing a 20% greater drain over the course of 24 hours.

Our own Max Parker wrote in his review: “I do really like how the always-on display has been handled here, but it needs a little more customisation to make it really worthwhile. There is also a noticeable hit on battery life with it on – jump to the Battery Life section for more on that – so I can imagine many simply turning it off.”

In iOS 16.4 users will be able to see for themselves within the Battery Settings menu that currently showcases battery usage by activities. The findings will enable users to determine whether they still want to use the always-on display.

iOS 16.4 should roll out in a few weeks. It will pack 31 new emoji, but the first developer beta was missing several featured Apple had suggested would arrive before iOS 17 is unveiled in June. We’re still hoping for the new generation of CarPlay and Apple Music Classical.


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