Most Android phones on the market can be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot. A mobile hotspot acts just like Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect any device that uses Wi-Fi to the internet, just by using your phone’s mobile network. 

Using your Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot is a really useful feature when you don’t have Wi-Fi access on other devices, but still need to use the internet. Setting up the hotspot on your device is incredibly quick and easy. Keep reading to learn how to use your Android as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What you’ll need:

  • Any Android smartphone
  • Mobile data

The short version:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Network and Internet
  • Tap Hotspot and tethering
  • Tap Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Activate Use Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Press on hotspot password
  • Create your own password
  • Find your phone’s hotspot on another device
  1. Step

    Open the Settings app

    You will find the settings app in your app library.Android Step One - Settings

  2. Step

    Tap Network and Internet

    If you can’t immediately find Network and Internet, then type this in the search bar and it will come up.Android Step Two - network and internet

  3. Step

    Tap Hotspot and tethering

    Located underneath Airplane Mode.Android Step Three - Hotspot

  4. Step

    Tap Wi-Fi hotspot

    This should be the top option in the menu.
    Android Step Four - Click on Wifi Hotspot

  5. Step

    Activate Use Wi-Fi hotspot

    To turn this on, simply tap the toggle, turning it from left to right.Android Step Five - Activate use Wifi

  6. Step

    Press on Hotspot password

    There will be a randomised one there, however you can change this with the next step.Android Step Six - Hold on Hotspot password

  7. Step

    Create your own password

    This is optional but can make it easier when connecting other devices to your Wi-Fi hotspot. Choose something secure that you can remember.Android Step Seven - Create password

  8. Step

    Find your phone’s hotspot on another device

    You should now be able to see your phone listed on other devices’ Wi-Fi networks. Simply hit connect and type in the password, and then you should be connected. Make sure your 4G/5G connection is activated on your phone in order for this to work. Android Step Eight - Find Hotspot


What if I can’t see my hotspot on my other device?

Make sure the device you’d like to connect to the hotspot is close enough to your phone. Also make sure the 4G/5G is activated on your phone, and double check the hotspot has been turned on, as shown in step 5.

How will I know which Wi-Fi network is my hotspot?

Underneath Use Wi-Fi hotspot (from step five), you will see Device name listed underneath. Click on this to see what your hotspot is named (it’ll likely just be the name of your phone). You can change the name here too.


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