For all of you Dark Mode fans out there, X is going to be the platform that goes all-in on it.

Up until now, Twitter has supported both a Light and Dark Mode for its users, like almost every other app known to man. The app has also supported the setting that will adjust the display mode based on the settings of the operating system. Most operating systems now have a setting that will automatically switch from Light to Dark mode based on the time of day, and Twitter has supported that as well.

Well, forget all of that! For anyone who loves Light Mode or the ability to switch between both, your days are numbered — at least on Twitter (X). In response to a user complaining about Dark Mode not being great to display black verification badges, X CEO Elon Musk said that the platform would eventually shut out the light and go completely to the dark side.

Musk said that “This platform will soon only have “dark mode”. It is better in every way.” The CEO did not say when “soon” would be, so those who prefer Light mode have at least a little bit of time before it disappears. However, knowing how changes at X have been implemented lately, it could be removed at any time without warning.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I am definitely more of a fan of Dark Mode than Light Mode, so — at least in my mind — X is keeping the better of the two. However, it seems hostile since you’d think the company would want to continue to offer its users a choice between both.

I doubt getting rid of Light Mode is going to dissuade anyone from using X, though. Leaving a platform over the lack of Light Mode seems highly unlikely so, while a subset of users may grumble about the disappearance of the display mode, Musk knows that it’s functionality they can rip out without much impact.

If you’re looking for a Twitter clone that supports both Light and Dark Mode, I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg would love to have you join Threads.