A foldable Apple device has been tipped for years, with very little concrete evidence to confirm the device will ever come to market.

So reported comments from a Samsung executive that it may be working on a foldable display that would meet Apple’s standards should not be taken lightly.

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Samsung is already one of Apple’s key suppliers for iPhone displays and given its preeminence in the foldable market, it stands to reason the Korean company would provide screens for any folding Apple device.

The word comes from the recent SID review event in Seoul where a Samsung executive claimed it was “necessary” (via SamMobile) for Apple to enter the foldable game for the sector to enjoy full mainstream success.

Could this be Samsung trying to lure Apple in? Or is this confirmation it is working with Apple on a product?

Patently Apple might have the answer. It reports during the same event Samsung confirmed it and LG (another key Apple display supplier) are working with Apple on a “20-inch foldable IT project”. We have been unable to verify the reports independently.

That sounds like the foldable tablet device Samsung tipped Apple would launch in 2024. With all the talk of an iPhone Fold, the consensus may be that Apple would opt for a foldable laptop/tablet hybrid out of the gate first, with the touch surface doubling up as a keyboard when folded. This could always be branded as a MacBook too, of course.

During the event, Samsung spoke of the challenges in creating foldable displays. Those include the hiding the folding crease and foldable crack. The company also spoke of making the displays tough enough to use with stylus pens, while withstanding the folding torque.

Samsung is preparing to launch the fifth generation off its own folding phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 during an Unpacked event next week.


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