Can you use a stylus with the Pixel Tablet?

Best answer: Yes! The new Google Pixel Tablet indeed supports stylus pens. It works with both traditional capacitive styluses as well as new USI 2.0 styluses. There aren’t many of the latter on the market just yet, but rest assured that as more become available, you will be able to use them with the Google Pixel Tablet. If you haven’t invested in one of the early versions, however, you can continue to use the capacitive stylus you already own, or a cool new one you find, with the Google Pixel Tablet until you decide to upgrade.

What are USI 2.0 styluses?

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Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) 2.0 styluses are an enhanced version of the standard stylus via an open standard that allows for cross-connectivity and use among various touch input devices, from tablets to Chromebooks and laptops. They add features like NFC wireless charging, pressure sensitivity, button support, better tilt, and shading functionality when sketching, additional colors, and more. You’ll enjoy lower latency along with faster uplinks and more natural brush strokes. 

The good news is that the Google Pixel Tablet works with standard capacitive touch styluses as well, making it a versatile option with multiple control options. You can, of course, continue to use only your finger to manipulate the touch screen. 


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