The buzziest mixed-reality headset now supports the buzziest AI chatbot.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), OpenAI announced that ChatGPT is available on the Apple Vision Pro. The post showed a video of the ChatGPT interface within Apple’s “spatial computing” device. Just like how it looks on a desktop, the ChatGPT app for Vision Pro is a simple text box where users enter prompts and receive generative AI responses.


A morning with Apple’s true believers at the launch of Apple Vision Pro

Like the mobile app and desktop versions of ChatGPT, the visionOS version has ChatGPT Voice, which enables users to gives prompts with their voice instead of typing out a text prompt. Since the Vision Pro experience is built around voice and gesture commands, this will likely be the way most users interact with ChatGPT.

Last week, Apple launched the Vision Pro to the masses. The cult of Apple has predictably rallied around the device, but it remains to be seen whether there will be widespread adoption — especially given the $3,500 price tag.

Notably, Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify have not built native apps for Vision Pro (but YouTube says it’s on its roadmap). It’s a reflection of the “hesitancy from developers to go all in, using time and resources to develop applications for an unproven product with a price point that puts the headset out of reach for majority of consumers,” as Mashable’s Matt Binder explains.

But there’s plenty of overlap in the Venn diagram of Apple fans and ChatGPT enthusiasts, so ChatGPT is likely to be a popular application amongst those who venture out in the wild with a multi-thousand-dollar device strapped to their heads.

ChatGPT for Vision Pro is available to download via the visionOS App Store.