When news broke that Tama Tonga was finished up with New Japan and was now heading to WWE for his debut run with the promotion, fans started running wild regarding how Paul “Triple H” Levesque and company could use the founding member of Bullet Club and the Guerrillas of Destiny.

Would Tonga be teaming up with the Good Brothers, a pair of fellow Bullet Club OGs who worked alongside him in New Japan? While that could theoretically still happen, the NXT vignettes many assumed could have been hinting at the debut of Tonga ended up being for Shawn Spears, who has returned to developmental for his third reign now under his AEW moniker instead of Tye Dillinger.

Or could Tonga join The Bloodline, capitalizing on his father Haku’s history with the Anoa’i-Fatu family in order to add some spice to the grandest storyline in WWE?

While that latter option may seem a tad outside of the box, in the opinion of Lance Anoa’i, an actual member of the Anoa’i-Fatu family, he doesn’t think it’s particularly far-fetched, as he considers Haku’s family a part of his own since they are all from the South Pacific.

“Not by blood. We consider him, every time I see Haku, he’s my uncle, lot of respect for…  I believe it’s just more like the island culture,” Lance Anoa’i told Steve Fall for WrestlingNewsCo via Fightful. “We’re all from the South Pacific, so the islanders just stick together, man. It’s just one breed. But yeah, always, I’ve seen Tama Tonga growing up, I hung out with him while I was out in Japan. Whenever our schedules blessed us to meet up and have dinner. There’s always love there. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I know I’ve been reading on the Internet that Tama Tonga has signed. If he did, good for him because I think it’s well-deserved and about time.”

Asked how he would bring Tonga into WWE, Anoa’i believes the best place would be to place him on RAW and pair him up with Jey Uso, as the younger member of The Usos could use some a little help versus Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

“Fantasy booking, I would say RAW,” Anoa’i suggested. “RAW would be my pick. Especially because Jey’s there. Jey’s kind of all alone. If we do consider him, we do consider Tama as family, so I think Jey could use some help there, especially when Solo and Jimmy keep creeping over to RAW and attacking Jey.”

You know, if WWE plans to make the expected Usos Civil War into a tag team match that also features Sikoa, why not add Tonga to the storyline and really make things interesting? That would certainly make the GOD member feel like a big deal a la Sikoa’s debut at Clash at the Castle and would make for a very interesting addition to the overall Bloodline storyline as it rounds into the ninth inning.

Lance Anoa’i believes The Bloodline can grow beyond just Tama Tonga.

Elsewhere in his conversation with Steve Fall, Lance Anoa’i was asked about the future of The Bloodline and if there’s a chance even more members of the Anoa’i-Fatu family could make their way into WWE.

A veteran of WWE in his own right, Anoa’i is excited about what WWE is cooking up, as between himself, Jacob Fatu, and Zilla Fatu, there’s a near-endless set of potential options who could be added to the faction.

“I didn’t even really know about it. A bunch of people were just tagging me [about it], and all you see is my name all the way at the bottom [laughs], but hey, man, that’s okay. I made the list with everybody else. Just to see how big our family is, and not everybody was even in it,” Lance Anoa’i explained via Fightful. “There was a few guys missing still. Zilla was missing, Jacob’s younger brother, Journey Fatu, was missing. I guess the family tree is just so big. I don’t know where they got the family tree, if The Rock put it together or Roman put it all together, but the list just goes on, like how big our family is. It just keeps growing. Even if you look at it, we could keep adding to that tree. My kids, Jacob has seven kids. The list is huge. We’re not stopping. We’re reproducing, man [laughs]. The Bloodline can keep going. No story’s gonna end any time soon.”

Could WWE do a Bloodline 2.0 in the future, with the kids of this current generation of the Anoa’i-Fatu family running a very similar storyline with another performer taking up the reigns as a Roman Reigns-style “Head of the Table?” In 10-20 years, fans might get their answer.

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