MLB players are wearing green hats on the weekend of May 19-21 and baseball fans are wondering why there’s been a change in the headwear.

Baseball fans, if nothing else, are creature of habits. Chicago Cubs fans expect to see their favorite players with a blue cap and iconic red “C” on top of their heads. The same could be said of any team, whether it’s the Atlanta Braves with the navy blue and red script “A”, or teams like the Giants with the orange “SF” logo on a black hat.

So MLB viewers were a bit shocked when they saw players from every team not wearing their respective teams iconic caps but, instead, wearing green hats on the weekend of May 19-21.

That led fans to ask a simple question about the headwear: Why are MLB players wearing green hats instead of the normal team apparel?

Why is MLB wearing green hats today?

MLB players are wearing green hats on the weekend of May 19-21 as a way to honor Armed Forces Day in the United States. The actual day to celebrate and honor military service members is Saturday, May 20 but Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball chose to pay homage throughout the weekend by wearing the green hats with each team’s logo in addition to having different equipment, gear, and bases that also feature colorways and emblems.

Armed Forces Day, for those unaware, was instituted by President Harry S. Truman and began in 1950 as a way to celebrate all service members. It is traditionally recognized on the third Saturday in May.

It’s a cool move by MLB to not only make a point to celebrate service members around the day set aside to do so but to go to extra lengths to do so with the green hats and the other measures that they’ve taken in that regard.


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