The Blue Jays broadcast caught Aaron Judge’s eyes wandering during an at-bat and now fans think the Yankees slugger was cheating. Was he?

Aaron Judge was feeling it at the plate on Monday night against the Blue Jays. He hit two home runs as the Yankees opened the new series with a 7-4 win.

Blue Jays fans are wondering if he had some help.

In the top of the eighth, Judge was seconds away from hitting his second home run when the Toronto broadcast team drew attention to his eyes, which appeared to shift to the Yankees dugout before the pitch.

The broadcast stayed away from throwing out explicit cheating accusations but that didn’t stop Twitter from jumping to conclusions that Judge was looking for a signal from the dugout. That he promptly hit a home run seemed to confirm the suspicion.

So was Judge actually cheating? Come on now, of course he wasn’t.

Aaron Judge explains eye movements that led to cheating accusations

Judge admitted to looking towards the Yankees dugout during his at-bat, but it wasn’t to collect information about the upcoming pitch. It was so see which of his teammates were “chirping.”

“I was kinda trying to see who was chirping in the dugout,” Judge said, irritated that his teammates were potentially causing more drama after manager Aaron Boone got ejected for arguing a strike earlier in the at-bat. “It’s 6-0. Boone-y got tossed. Let’s go to work now.”

Judge explained that he appreciated Boone having his back, but in his view, the dugout should backoff after the manager makes his point and takes the ejection that comes with it.

His warnings to the dugout seemed well-warranted as the Blue Jays put up four runs in the bottom of the eighth to cut the deficit to three.


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