Anarchy descended on London Stadium during the Europe League semi-final, but one ludicrously brave fan is being lauded for his bravery. The Hammers 1-0 win at home over Dutch side AZ Alkmaar turned into one of the most atrocious scenes we’ve seen in the sport. Dozens of Alkmaar fans, furious at their club’s elimination, made a bee-line for the West Ham hospitality section, where the families of players were watching the game.

Normally I wouldn’t condone any violence, but nah … not this time. Security and police officers were just standing around, not making any effort to try and stop the mob of angry visiting fans from getting to women, children and other family members who were watching their loved ones play. Given the situation it’s impossible to ascertain what their intentions were, and this could have been a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

Thankfully the fan in green was big enough, and imposing enough to utterly terrify the visiting fans, who scattered like rats when he took walked down two stairs and they realized there was no safety in numbers against this legend.

AZ Alkmaar players and their coach are disgusted by the fans. One player told ESPN that his girlfriend was in the section where fans were trying to gain entrance to, and that she was shaking when he finally managed to see her. Meanwhile the team are condemning the incident.

“It’s annoying, it doesn’t belong in our stadium. Preferably in no stadium,” AZ coach Pascal Jansen said. “I feel shame. You have to control your emotions, even on a night with a defeat.”

Thank goodness for the man in green who was willing to risk himself for others. The mystery defender hasn’t been identified, but here’s hoping he never ever has to buy a pint at a pub again.


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