Let he who’s never been drunk on Lower Broad in Nashville (which I’m assuming is every breathing person reading this right now) cast the first stone. I worked in sports talk radio for a decade-plus and would still probably fumble with logos if I came stumblin’ out of Dierks’ Whiskey Row in broad daylight. So when these poor idiots can’t name a single NFL team other than the Titans, I really can’t blame them. I can laugh my ass off at them, sure. But blame them, I cannot.

The funny thing is that this isn’t even the Titans “official” schedule release video. It should’ve been. But their “official” video is much more well produced with an insane amount of celebrity cameos, ending with Keith Urban playing a set at Roberts’ which is something everyone who doesn’t live in Nashville thinks happens on a regular basis in Nashville. Keith will get his coffee at the Starbucks in Green Hills, but play honkey tonks on Lower Broad? Not so much.

As for the Titans schedule itself, I gotta admit, it looks tough as hell. Squaring up against Lightning McQueen in Week 2 is tough in and of itself, but then a couple weeks later they have the Boston Bobcats come to town. And it’s not like it gets easier. You have to play the Baltimore Orioles in London, and they’re currently second in the AL East. Playing the Red Stallions followed by a short week to play the 49ers 69ers Stars is just going to be a freaking gauntlet. And as if a trip to London wasn’t bad enough, the Titans also have to head south to the islands of the Caribbean to face the Pirates. At least they don’t have their Skeletor quarterback anymore. It’s a brutal gauntlet, but here’s hoping a couple wins against the Cowboys will set them up for a potential playoff spot.


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