I know, right? Like what?! Part of me wants to slap this meme on a billboard in the heart of Columbus.

Michigan hasn’t played in a couple weeks and yet they’re still notching W’s. Your response to the team up north ripping off a 15-0 season and a natty is to hire… Bill O’Brien? BILL O’BRIEN?! WILLIAM JAMES O’BRIEN?! (the O, of course, stands for his chin dimple)

Look, Bill O’Brien is a fine person to hire if you’re fine not winning championships.

Look at that stat and try not to let your chin dimple scrape the floor. The two greatest head coaches of all time, and he just so happened to be on their staff in the years they DIDN’T hoist trophies. That’s incredible. That’s like sitting in the live studio audience of Big Bang Theory during an episode where they actually said something funny. Like what are the odds?!

But anyone who’s tracked Bill O’Brien’s career, this should come as no surprise. This is a man who had a 24-point lead on the Kansas City Chiefs just 4 minutes into the second quarter and somehow was trailing at halftime. Oh, and proceeded to give up 41 unanswered points on the way to a 51-31 loss. But hey, it’s not like he was playing in that game. But when the Texans added GM to his office nameplate, he did proceed to trade Deandre Hopkins for a broken paperclip, a half-eaten Tootsie Roll, and David Johnson. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even as a goof. I don’t know how many times teams need to test the Bill O’Brien experiment before realizing he doesn’t make programs better. The dude has a black hole planted firmly on his chin, and what do black holes do? THEY SUUUUUUCK!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a blogger. Not a Buckeye. I’m not a fan of Ohio State. I’m a fan of Content U. So I love the move. Do I think it’s dumb as hell? Of course. But we crave dumb because we are dumb. So hell, why stop there? Bring back Urban Meyer while you’re at it. And let them both dot the “I” every week. Welcome to Columbus, BOB!

O-H! N-O!