The golf industry has been booming since the beginning of the pandemic, as people all over the world fell in love with this great game during lockdown.

Yet, one problem some golfers face is not having the time to play a five-hour 18-hole round.

Instead, many players will tee it up at their local par-3 course, trudge out for five or six holes for practice at the end of a long day, or hit up a driving range to improve their game.

But if you are only practicing or playing a few holes, do you really want to bring your big, heavy golf bag with you?

That’s where Sunday Golf comes in.

Sunday Golf’s Loma Bag
Sunday Golf

“Sunday Golf speaks to a more casual golfer,” said Sunday Golf CEO and co-founder Ronan Galvin in an exclusive interview with Playing Through. “Someone who’s just out there to enjoy, have fun, and just say, ‘Hey, I’m out here to have fun and enjoy some time with my friends being outdoors while listening to some music.’”

The most popular Sunday Golf bag is the Loma Bag, which carries just six clubs.

It’s perfect for a twilight round, a quick trip to the range, or those 4-club challenges increasing in popularity.

Funny enough, Loma rhymes with Max Homa, who used this bag during the par-3 contest of the 2023 Masters:

But if you are looking for bigger golf bags, Sunday Golf has quite a variety.

Some bags, like the El Camino, can carry up to ten clubs. While others, like the Ryder Bag, can hold a complete set of 14 clubs.

Despite the differences in sizes, each Sunday Golf bag has unique characteristics: lightweight, easy to carry, and plenty of pockets for accessories.

Interestingly, golfers everywhere can join Sunday Golf as an investor.

The San Diego-based company has raised almost one million dollars in about six weeks from investors all over.

“For us as a brand, the community is really important,” Galvin added. “So that’s why we decided to go this route versus taking on one or two professional investors because we can get our community involved.”

“Whether one person is investing $100, which is the minimum, or up to $100,000, they’re going to more or less say, ‘Hey, look, I invested in this company; I’m an investor.’ They’re going to tell their friends they’re going to be brand evangelists, essentially, right? And that’s just something, as a consumer product brand, you can’t beat.”

If you want to learn more about Sunday Golf and how to become a possible investor, visit their website.

It is a growing brand for the world’s fastest-growing game, with products available for every golfer.

Jack Milko is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. You can follow him on Twitter @jack_milko for more golf coverage. Be sure to check out @_PlayingThrough too.