Cue up the Brass Bonanza, it’s the return of the legendary white whale!

The Carolina Hurricanes (nee Whalers) announced this morning that they will be wearing a white version of the classic Hartford Whalers uniform for a single game on February 10, 2024, against the New Jersey Devils.

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The uniform replicates the style worn by the Whalers during their first six seasons in the NHL (1979 to 1985), it’s white with a green and blue collar; diagonal blue, white, and green striping on each arm; straight blue, green and white stripes around the waist; the iconic Hartford Whalers logo on the chest; and their lovable “Pucky the Whale” logo on the shoulder.

Due to the use of the modern Adidas Adizero Primegreen jersey cut, there is a change to the collar striping style from the original — previously, this design had three stripes (blue/white/green) of even size; the new version is almost entirely green around the collar with a small band of blue right at the neck. Check the photo of a super young Ron Francis above for a good look at the two.

The Hartford Whalers began life in the World Hockey Association, playing as the New England Whalers out of Boston Garden. Over their time in the WHA, they spent time in Springfield, Mass., and Hartford, Conn., before being absorbed into the National Hockey League as an expansion team, with the new Hartford tag attached for the 1979-80 season. With the new name came, perhaps, the greatest sports logo of all time. Designed by Peter Good, the logo shows a stylized “W” with a whale’s tail above, forming the letter “H” in the negative space. The Whalers relocated to North Carolina in 1997, where they were renamed the Carolina Hurricanes.

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UPDATE (Nov 13/23 12:07 pm ET):

Psst… those Cooperalls pants are back too! We’re assuming that, like the Flyers’ previous Reverse Retros, these will be worn only during pre-game warmups, NOT during the actual game. The Whalers, like the Flyers, wore the infamous “Cooperalls” pants for a single season in 1982-83 before they were banned by the league due to concerns over player safety.