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“… Climate change will be here long after the war, but the leadership is neglecting it …” – and Manta rays and Jellyfish are a sign of the end times.

Climate change will be here long after the war, but the leadership is neglecting it

CEO of environmental advocacy organization Adam Teva V’Din says that one year in, the current government is the ‘worst for the environment in Israel’s history’

By SUE SURKES 4 January 2024, 4:48 pm  

On Wednesday, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel suggested climate change as a factor in the highly rare gathering of large numbers of manta rays giving birth off Israel’s Mediterranean coast, when the breeding season is usually during spring and fall.

On Tuesday, the Israel Electric Corporation reported another rare, and therefore problematic, phenomenon — thousands of jellyfish, usually seen during the summer, massing around the filters that bring seawater into a power station in southern Israel for cooling.

Scientists have warned that the effects of global warming — driven by humanity’s continuing burning of fossil fuels — will be exacerbated by the natural El Nino phenomenon, which has begun and will last one to three years.

The things that didn’t happen last year include passing a Climate Act — which the coalition promised to do within six months — and introducing a carbon tax, discussions about which were held under the previous government but abandoned by the current one.

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What can I say – it’s refreshing to be reminded that European and Anglosphere countries don’t have a monopoly on stupid green activists.

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