How to Defeat the Climate Change Complexity Monster

The following is an excerpt from a Sustain What blog post. 

The University of Bergen in Norway has just wrapped a valuable two-day conference on “Living With Climate Change.”

The core focus? How to handle what seems like a deep contradiction: “While there is broad agreement on the urgent need for action to mitigate climate change, people must also go on living their daily lives, attending to their needs and interests of themselves, their families and their community.” (The first day stream is here. Review highlights from Twitter via #climlifebergen.)

I was honored to be invited to give an opening keynote talk but couldn’t attend. This wasn’t just to cut down on flying; my older son just got married in Nashville. So I recorded the talk on our Maine coastline beforehand. Here’s the video, followed by the transcript.

Greetings. I couldn’t think of a better way to explore the conference theme from a distance than to start on our little patch of waterfront in Wabanaki territory in Maine.

After 30 years in the Hudson River valley north of New York, My wife and I moved here last year in part to be near her mom, who was born in a nearby lobster village nearly 91 years ago and still lives there. Along with you and the other 8 billion people alive now on this planet, we are living with climate change here…

Read the rest of the story on the Sustain What blog.


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