A white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by book spines as a border

A white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by book spines as a border
  • Above the Law looked at the impact of counterfeits on the luxury fashion resale industry.
  • The Wall Street Journal observed that elder millennials have reached the decade when people often start to notice signs of aging.
  • The Wall Street Journal also reported on new research that found that marriages in which wives out-earn their husbands are not only more common, but less likely to end in divorce than in the past.
  • NPR suggested responses that child-free people can use in the face of questions and comments about not having kids.
  • NBC News reported that advisers to the FDA voted unanimously to recommend making a birth control pill available without a prescription.
  • AP News shared that Kansas City, MO, will become a sanctuary city for people seeking or providing gender-affirming care.
  • A New York Times op-ed noted that Jezebel “was among the first places to crystallize the powerful forces that would define social media over the next decade: politics and identity.”
  • The Washington Post featured writer Lyz Lenz’s tribute to Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce, who died earlier this week.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from The Onion, with “Female Friends Spend Raucous Night Validating The Living Shit Out Of Each Other” (related bonus laugh from Baroness von Sketch Show).

On CorporetteMoms Recently…

  • We had an open thread on baby and kid names.
  • We offered some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable workwear.

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