I know, I know, the word “ultimate” is overused, but I’m SO pumped to share this guide with you today because I feel like… how are the kids saying it?… I’m in my tween mom era.

I wanted to make this as helpful as possible so I categorized the top gifts I found for each set of interests and can honestly say both my tweens would be thrilled with all of these gifts (and many they already own and love). I hope it serves as a helpful resource for you and the tweens in your life this holiday season and thank you for shopping through my links for the items that serve you. It directly supports my family and we are grateful!

For the Tween Book Lover

Warmies – adorably soft stuffed animals that you can warm up in the microwave for a cozy snuggling partner while you cuddle up with a good book.

Rechargeable Blue Light Blocking Book Light – Blue light blocking with a soft amber glow, this rechargeable book light is perfect for evening reading.

Reading Pillow – for added comfort on the couch, on the floor, on the bed, or wherever your bookworm lands.

Attainable Sustainable – for the budding homesteader, this beautiful cook is full of pictures and easy instructions for a wide variety of sustainable living tasks, from candle making to herbal tinctures to gardening, canning, woodworking, and more.

Wizarding Almanac – The only official companion to the seven Harry Potter novels, this almanac is packed with details and pictures from all the places, potions, beasts, and more from Harry Potter.

Picturepedia – an encyclopedia filled with everything a kid could want to know about science, technology, nature, geography, culture, sports, hobbies, history, and more- all in vibrant color!

The Land of Stories – Through the mysterious powers of a cherished book of stories, twins Alex and Conner leave their world behind and find themselves in a foreign land full of wonder and magic where they come face-to-face with the fairy-tale characters they grew up reading about.

The Vanderbeekers – The Vanderbeekers have always lived in the brownstone on 141st Street. It’s practically another member of the family. So when their reclusive, curmudgeonly landlord decides not to renew their lease, the five siblings have eleven days to do whatever it takes to stay in their beloved home and convince the dreaded Beiderman just how wonderful they are.

Tuesdays at the Castle – Tuesday – probably the most boring day of the week. However, for Princess Celie Tuesday is the best day; that’s the day the Castle adds a new room, a turret, or sometimes even an entire wing! She is the only one who takes the time to map out the new additions, and when the king and queen are ambushed, she is the only one who can protect their home.

The Penderwicks – a beloved family story that is quickly becoming a new classic, The Penderwicks books are filled with humor, family, and high jinx, these stories are as breezy and carefree as a clear June day.

For the Crafty Tween

Journal Set – let her create her own unique journal to fill with her thoughts.

Woobles Beginner Crochet Kit – featured on Shark Tank, these kits are *truly* for beginners and will walk you through each step with detailed instruction to succeed in crocheting.

Real Science Kit – mystery powders and beakers will thrill the science lover in your life.

Outline Metallic Markers – these metallic markers make doodling so much fun!

Clay Bead Kit – the year’s best seller thus far for a good reason- excellent price on a colorful kit with everything she needs to make personalized clay bead bracelets.

Polymer Clay Crafting Kit – create, bake, decorate- we are on our third set of clay around here as the girls love making trinkets to put in their rooms and give to friends.

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Lego Set – for the Harry Potter lover, this set is full of fun magic and details of the Chamber of Secrets.

Pottery Wheel – Get creative with a real spinning pottery wheel kit that comes with everything you need to create a masterpiece.

The Tween Fashionista

Personal Mini Fridge & Primally Pure Everything Facial Spray – mini skincare fridges are all the rage right now, and while it will hold a few sparkling waters, too she can use this to keep a refreshing facial spray or moisturizer.

Quick Dry Nontoxic Nail Polish Set – quick dry and nontoxic is the perfect combination for a tween that wants to be fashionable in a hurry.

Initial Gold Necklace – dual layered necklace with a touch of personalization.

Beginner Sewing Machine – let her create her own fashion with the incredible gift of a real sewing machine and fabric to practice on.

Styling Head Doll – a styling head that will allow her to practice all the latest braids, twists, and hairstyles she likes.

Flower Hair Claws – a fun set of colorful accessories to jazz up any outfit.

For the Room Decor Lover

LED Picture Clips – remote controlled LED lights allow her to show off her favorite pictures.

Instax Camera – the mini size in perfect to take around with her to snap pictures of all the things she loves the most.

Custom Neon Name Sign – any tween loves a personal touch in their rooms and this custom neon sign will let her show it off in style.

Lava Lamp – they are back in vogue and create a peaceful glow.

JBL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – this small but mighty waterproof and portable speaker will allow her to rock out to her favorite tunes no matter where she is.

Flameless LED Colorful Candles – add some safe ambient glow with these cute and colorful flameless candles, controlled by remote.

Decorative Essential Oil Diffuser – this beautiful diffuser is perfectly sized for a bedroom, letting her to create the mood she’s after with aromas, whether relaxing or creative.

Tweens Who Cook

America’s Test Kitchen Kids – hands down one of the best kid cookbooks out there, full of detailed step by step pictures for legit recipes.

Beautiful Apron – the kid aprons are probably getting a little small, so level up with this beautiful apron any tween would love to wear.

9″ Cast Iron Skillet – perfectly sized for beginning cooks, this cast iron is durable and brightly colored.

Mini Donut Maker – a unique gadget that will allow her to make delicious treats in a fun size.

Fun Taco Holders – everything loves these cute and functional taco holders.

6″ Tong Set – an underrated but super useful cooking tool to use from everything from pasta to salad to turning items on the stove.

No Cut Gloves – for the nervous knife handler, these gloves will protect hands while allowing the use of a real knife.

Surprising Hits for Tweens

Hard Case Lockable Luggage – H’s favorite gift from her birthday, it comes in cute colors and is super functional.

Cozy Robe – everyone loves a cozy and cute robe to snuggle up in after a shower.

One Line a Day Journal – a great way to write down thoughts and favorite memories without having to dedicate a lot of time. She’ll love to have so many years to look pack on, packed altogether in one journal.

Dominion – for the game lover, this deck building game plays differently each time and is a ton of fun for the whole family.

Dog Bed for Humans – completely ridiculous, yes, but also completely cozy as a place to snuggle up with the pup and read a book.

Little Gifts / Stocking Stuffers

Cat’s Cradle – a classic hit and great way to keep hands busy.

Cute Flower Hair Claws – a fun set of colorful accessories to jazz up any outfit.

Paint by Sticker Books – a unique twist on paint by number, these books you can take anywhere and complete by adding the correctly shaped sticker to the picture.

Bath Bomb Set – hidden rainbow bath bombs will make baths colorful and fun.

Mini Bop It – a silly little toy that somehow engages tweens for longer than you’d think!

Harry Potter Watercolor Stickers – beautifully done, this sticker set is great for decorating water bottles, computers, and more.


Looking to gift an experience instead of a physical gift? Here are a few experiences my tweens really enjoy and would be thrilled to receive:

  • Escape Room
  • Rock climbing
  • Movie Theater
  • Bowling
  • Splatter Paint Experience
  • Audible Membership


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