This summer we had the most amazing trip on the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como in Italy. It was so much fun and I’m a big fan keeping up with my routines and rituals while I travel. Now that I’m a mom of 2, it’s important for me to keep the routines and rituals going for my kids too. They also travel a lot with us. Not every time, but a lot of the time, and as most of us know, kids thrive on structure and routine.

So this summer I compiled some lists that were MUSTS for Zaza, Townes and I.  They’re all on IG but wanted to share them here too. Buckle up, because today we’re going over this summer’s ride or dies for toddler, baby and me (wellness lol).



+ 528 hz frequencies (from Spotify)

+ popsicle molds

+ silicone placemat

+ snack spinner

+ Cymbiotika b12

+ heart glass mini bowls (for treats)

+ mess free coloring book

+ Honeysticks crayons

+ Simple Mills protein pancake mix

+ blue blueberry muffin recipe by Kristin Cavallari

+ pastel silicone muffin holders

+ Hatch red light (so good for winding them down)

+ Good On Ya organic electrolytes (we call it cookie water)

+ custom name stickers by Mabel’s Labels

+ fake cooking set (the knife is cute and it helps them feel involved)

+ Eloise at the Plaza was such a fun experience

+ Lalo Montessori table

+ low sensory tv shows like Daniel Tiger and Bluey

+ Polo Ralph Lauren collared shirts for him & her

+ hats & mineral sunscreen

+ Hiya Health vitamins (we love the pink)

+ crafts for nice distraction


+ silicone straws

+ Serenity Kids broccoli puffs

+ baby shusher

+ organic gripe water

+ Munchkin wipe warmer

+ Good On Ya organic electrolytes (we call it cookie water)

+ door silencers

+ Saint Haven onesies

+ velcro shoes

+ K’pure Naturals baby oil

+ Coterie diapers & wipes (triclosan-free)

+ Maty’s lavender diaper rash relief cream

+ air purifier by Air Doctor

+ baby wash cloths

+ Dreamland Baby lightly weighted sleep sack

+ no mold bath toys

+ Beekeepers Naturals cough syrup


+ lemon on everything (get a squeezer)

+ buccal massage (relieves jaw tension)

+ JustThrive probiotics every AM (use code SKINNY90 for 20% off a 90 day bottle)

+ copper tongue scraper

+ grounding, nature, walking outside

+ coconut oil lube

+ red light on the lips

+ The Skinny Confidential facial massager

+ reading everyday (on dark mode- book recs here)

+ mouth-taping (really life-changing, more here)

+ hot lemon water with Celtic salt

+ muting notifications because I can’t with the dinging

+ mineral tinted sunscreen

+ notes app lists

Hope you save this post as a resource. You can be sure we’ll be adding to it next summer.

What was on your summer list this year?

x, lauryn

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