Spritz Society Pink Lemonade by The Skinny Confidential

We’ve restocked!

SPRITZ SOCIETY PINK LEMONADE by The Skinny Confidential. Such a no-brainer to co-brand with the Spritz Society team. If you have yet to hear of Spritz, allow me. 

Ben Soffer – you may know him as @boywithnojob – started Spritz as a way to connect people, memories and good times. Their whole thing is that life is too short to not love what you’re drinking. They use real ingredients that you can actually pronounce and give the people what they want. Literally. Like they asked people what they want in a canned beverage and voilá. Spritz Society beverages are THE MOVE if you’re into minimal ingredients, but like the best taste ever. Think: grapefruit, peach, blood orange, pineapple, lemon and now…

PINK LEMONADE by The Skinny Confidential.

Like I said, no brainer. Their drinks are award-winning, low sugar and use real wine, all in a convenient sparkling can. It seriously tastes so good you guys. Be sure to listen to the podcast that just came out with Ben where you’ll learn WHY we partnered with Spritz, and so much more about creating your own future.


Because that’s what YOU wanted. Remember? We asked you guys months ago what flavor you’d want to see and the votes came in, so we delivered. We wanted to make sure it tastes absolutely delicious so we went through 5 different taste testing rounds, 10 independent taste testers, and made sure it was absolutely perfect for you.

So what do you get?

2 x 4 packs of this mouth-watering drink that: has 120 calories per can, is 6% ABV, is gluten-free, has nothing artificial. 

And we love options, baby, so here they are: PINK LEMONADE can be bought as a 2 pack for $50 or 3 packs for $70. Stock up, cause once it’s gone it’s gone. This is a limited edition release so you want to get this juicy beverage before it sells out. 

These pink cans are the perfect companion to take poolside, for a beach day, golfing, camping, to a BBQ – funny all those places are perfect for wearing your BOUGIE DRIVING GLOVES too. 

As I said, this PINK LEMONADE is LIMITED EDITION. So get your sippity sip on while you can.

It’s pink, it’s fresh, it’s juicy & oh ya, best enjoyed ice fucking cold. 


x, Lauryn

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