She’s had an accomplished career in broadcasting, and now has her own public relations firm, with two locations. One, in New York City, and another in New Jersey, close by to her childhood roots in Southern New Jersey. This seasoned veteran of the media is: Mindie Barnett. She shares insight of what sparked a new chapter of her career for projects: like creating MB and Associates PR in 2003 , book writing, and becoming a professional counselor, LPCC (2024).

Mindie Barnett recognizes her southern New Jersey ties and says, “I love South Jersey! I was born and raised in Medford and an alumnus of Shawnee High School. I am thankful that I was blessed to be able to grow up in such a diverse region of the country with resources beyond what many others are able to have and also close to urban life in Philadelphia and New York City.” 

She was recognized with the honor of a “2023 Women of Influence” Award. She was humbled by the recognition and said, “ I felt incredibly honored. To be recognized alongside so many incredible women who have achieved profound accomplishments was humbling. I also am very proud of this accolade as my primary career goal is to always inspire other women (and men) to set goals and conquer their dreams. If by achieving some of my goals, I am able to do this in some small way, I have achieved my mission.”

Barnnett also feels that women can be leaders in business. She emphasizes her approach for being a powerhouse in the Philadelphia region, and beyond is with empathy. In fact, she is the published author of her latest book, You Don’t Need to Be a Bitch to Be a Boss: How to Flaunt Femininity, Embrace Empathy, and Win with a Vengeance, which is available on Amazon

I asked Mindie what she looks for in both a potential associate  and how she decides if a client is the right fit with her firm. She said, “ For a publicist, my number one quality I search for is a good attitude. I look to hire self-starters and people who are not complacent and look to continue to grow and evolve. When looking for clients, I like people who are passionate about their careers, are empathetic souls and look to better the world with whatever it is they are offering professionally.” 

Mindie is also a Pepperdine University Graduate student, in psychotherapy, with experience in: the workplace, positive psychology and overcoming burnout. She would also like to work with the next generation, with her practice, Executive Health  because; with young people, “ I want to help teens and young adults feel more comfortable in their own skin, learn how to use their voice, gain coping skills to combat the growing uptick of anxiety and help them acknowledge feelings of anger, sadness, uncertainty and understand that feelings and emotions pass in an effort to stomp out the growing number of completed suicide cases in that population, among a host of other things”.

Mindie connects with people and utilizes a  team approach with everyone. She says with a great perspective, “Being kind is actually selfish. You automatically feel better when you are kind and give back. It’s the most twisted notion but it’s true! I have been helped and coached, mentored my entire career and continue to exist as a mentee to my younger, and talented team who teaches me every day about  tech! I always want to pay it forward and do the same to my team, to the college students I speak to often during book talks, to my interns and frankly to anyone who wants to listen!” 

One of the best lessons Mindie taught me during this interview is the importance of building self confidence, for anyone at any age,  and in any profession. She said, “I think when people feel comfortable with themselves, are self-aware, understand everyone has shortcomings and strengths and embrace the notion of self-love we all show up as healthier, more fulfilled people and can give back in our professions, relationships and to the community in grander ways.Mindie Barnette continues to be a powerhouse and influence to the media. Her ways of helping her clients will make a positive impact in the community. 

Professional Websites:

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New Jersey Location:

651 Route 73 North, Suite 207 

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