Have any of you guys been around long enough to remember the days when I had “Fashion” page on my blog and would share regular pictures of outfits I snapped in the full-length mirror of the bathroom where I worked full-time? I remember trying to be so sneaky whipping out my digital camera when no one was in the bathroom to snap a quick picture to share with you guys because we didn’t have a full-length mirror at home. Ohhh memories!!

I’ve never been nor do I have the desire to be a fashion blogger (posing for pics is noooot something I love) but now that we have a decent full-length mirror hanging in the closet of our new home, I thought I might throw it back to the beginning days of this blog and occasionally share a roundup of recent outfits when I remember to snap pics before I head out the door. I’ve noticed my fashion preferences change a lot since having kids and while I used to tolerate less-than-comfy clothes and shoes, now it’s pretty much a requirement for my outfits to be comfortable, functional and mom-life friendly.

In today’s roundup of looks below you’ll see a lot of casual apparel since that’s what I wear most but also a few looks from dates nights and fun nights out with friends. I hope this throwback to 2011-era outfit pics makes the original blog readers out there — those of you who have been with me since digital camera pics and my Florida days — smile today!

A Roundup of Recent Looks

Occasion: Church and Sunday errands

Outfit details: Sweater: AE Snowsoft Mock Neck Sweater / Jeans: GAP Barrel Jeans / Lug Boots: Amazon / Sherpa camera bag: Target

Black Target Wrap Dress

Occasion: Dinner out with friends

Outfit details: Dress: Target / Block-Heel Booties: Amazon / Neon clutch: Old BCBG but I love this retro neon bag in a similar color

Occasion: Church and lunch at a local burger restaurant

Outfit details: Ribbed long-sleeve black top: Talulah / Jumpsuit: / Amazon / Lug boots: Amazon / Bag: Freshly Picked

Occasion: Coffee shop work day and a trampoline park after school

Outfit details: Wide-leg Jeans: Old Navy / Sweater: Amazon / Bag: H&M — old but this one is similar/ Shoes: Vans

Occasion: Coffee shop work day and a play at the boys’ preschool

Outfit details: Sweater: Old Navy but last year / Jeans: GAP Barrel Jeans / Lug boots: Amazon / Bag: Freshly Picked / Checkered Phone PopSocket

Occasion: Valentine’s Day! Coffee shop work day and the boys’ preschool Valentine’s Day party

Outfit details: Slip skirt: Target — only $25 and I ordered it in black and orange, too, because I love it so much! / Sweater: Old Navy but last year — this red sweater by GAP looks almost identical / Lug boots: Amazon

Occasion: Date night for dinner and drinks

Outfit details: Jeans: Old Navy / Clutch: My grandma Mimi’s / Block-Heel Booties: Amazon / Bralette: Amazon / Sweater: Old but this one is similar

Occasion: Church and Sunday errands

Outfit details: Overalls: Anthropologie — I cannot find them online anymore but the brand is Pilcro if you want to do some digging!  / Top: Talulah / Lug boots: Amazon / Bag: Target

Occasion: Work from home and Discovery Place Kids with the boys after school

Outfit details: Hoodie: Amazon / Bralette: Amazon / Flare Leggings: Aerie — I’m 5’7” wearing a medium long in the super flare / Platform Sneakers: Vans / Backpack: Marc Jacobs via RueLaLa — mine is a few years old but I found it resale here on The RealReal

Occasion: Birthday party (outside) and a children’s musical in the city

Outfit details: Sweater: An old Marshalls find / Jeans: Old Navy / Bag: Freshly Picked / Puffer Lace-Up Boots: Sam Edelman (wore these to the birthday party) / Lug boots: Amazon (wore these to the musical) / Beanie: Target

Occasion: Coffee shop work time and a parent/teacher conference

Outfit details: Jeans: Old Navy / Sweater: Amazon / Lug boots: Amazon / Bag: Freshly Picked

Occasion: Work from home and an afterschool park playdate

Outfit details: Hoodie: Amazon / Bralette: Amazon / Flare Leggings: Aerie / Bag: lululemon but old — this is the new version. The size of this bag is perfect especially if you find the crossbody belt bag everyone love a bit too small like me! / Sherpa-lined clogs: Amazon


Occasion: Galentine’s dinner with friends

Outfit details: Jumpsuit: Free People / Clutch: My grandma Mimi’s / Flats: Lucky (old but this pair is similar)


target slip skirt

Occasion: Date night to Science on the Rocks

Outfit details: Cardigan: Amazon / Slip skirt: Target / Block-Heel Booties: Amazon / Clutch: My grandma Mimi’s

Occasion: Birthday party and pizza out with the fam

Outfit details: Sweater: Amazon / Jeans: GAP Barrel Jeans / Bag: French Connection via RueLaLa but old / Lug boots: Amazon

Questions of the Day

Has your fashion changed a lot over the past 10 years? In what ways? 

Any favorite fashion finds to share? Links are welcome! 


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