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Which were your favorite posts of the year, readers? Here are some of my favorite posts and discussion posts, as well as our top posts of the year by traffic statistics!

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The Top Corporette Articles of 2023!

  1. Which are the Best Sneakers for Work Outfits? (major update)
  2. Guide to Business Casual for Women (major update)
  3. The 16 Best Blazers for Women in 2023
  4. The Most Comfortable Work Heels
  5. The Best Luxury Bags for Work
  6. How to Wear Black and Navy Together (major update)
  7. Where to Find Stylish Suits for Petite Women
  8. The Best Washable Blazers for Women
  9. What Nails Are Appropriate for the Office in 2023?
  10. The Best Sweater Jackets for the Office (major update)

Kat’s Other Favorite 2023 Corporette Posts

Some Non-Basic Hunts…

These were all either written or significantly updated in 2023…

  • The Best Stylish Petite Suits
  • 6 Stylish Day to Night Dresses
  • Great Flannel Pants for Women
  • The Best Reversible Workwear for Your Next Business Trip
  • The Best Office Chairs for Women
  • 3 Dramatic Blazers You Can Buy at Etsy
  • Where to Find Work Pants If You’re Curvy
  • The Best Washable Blazers for Women
  • The Best Briefcases for Women
  • Where to Find Chanel-Style Jackets for Work
  • The Best Opaque White T-Shirts for Work
  • 10 Great Silk Blouses for Work
  • 20 Cool Desk Accessories for Your Office
  • Where to Find Blouses in Pretty Prints
  • The Best Fake Collars for Work Outfits

Other Articles We Liked

  • How to Deal with Sensory Issues at Work
  • How to Add Art Deco Style to Your Office
  • The Most Affordable Office Clothes for Women
  • How to Check for Inactive Retirement Accounts
  • Where to Shop for Judicial Attire

Some fun discussions with readers…

  • What Makes Outfits, Hair and Makeup Look Dated?
  • What Are Reasonable Boundaries When You’re Highly Paid?
  • The Best Women’s Pajamas to Give as Holiday Gifts
  • What Are Your Thoughts on Being “Basic”?
  • What Would You Do for Work If You Could Do Anything?
  • The New Rules of Phone Etiquette for 2023
  • Open Thread: How Did You Meet Your Partner?
  • How Often Do You Fantasize About Quitting?
  • Long Hair, Older Women, and Work
  • Can You Bring Homemade Cookies For Your Boss?
  • Do You Feel Pressure to Have a New Outfit Every Day?
  • How to Get Ready for Work Quickly
  • How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Thoughts on Retirement (If At All)?
  • The Ideal Work Location: WFH, Office, Hybrid… ?
  • Are You “Aging Intentionally” With Botox, Dysport and More?

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