Let’s talk about my favorite subject, shall we?


Eyebrows seem like they’re simple but honestly they’re actually far from simple. The video in this post is a few years old, but the tips and tricks I talk about in it stand the test of time.

Brows may not be the most interesting thing in the world BUT if you really think about it they frame your entire face and are so important. For years I’ve been talking about a double tint, brushing up with a spoolie, and using castor oil to make your brows and lashes grow. So in this post we’re going back over all the ride or die products and tips to help you have the boldest, best brows in the game.

Let’s start with brow tinting. Every time I get my eyebrows waxed I also get a brow tint. But here’s the key: do it twice. It’ll fade in a few days so don’t freak out. You can do this yourself or request it from your trained professional. So apply the tint, follow the directions, wipe it off. Do it again. Simple.

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Here are my tips for at-home tinting:

1.) Make sure you use eyebrow tint, NOT hair tint. Also, if you have an event on Friday, do it Tuesday night. It’s strong the first two days (which I love but some people hate).

2.) Start with clean, makeup-free brows. You can apply a thin layer of coconut oil around your eyebrows to prevent staining your skin if you want. Sometimes the tint sort of stains the skin (don’t worry it usually comes off the next day).

3.) I prefer this kit in ‘medium brown.’ If you don’t like your brows bold, opt for ‘light brown.’ If you have super dark hair, go for ‘dark brown.’ Easy. It also depends on your skin tone, hair color and what makes you feel best.

4.) Empty the color capsule in a small mixing bowl & add the same amount of developer cream. Simply use the tiny wooden stick (it comes with the kit), mix it into a paste.

5.) Start at the beginning of the brow (because you want it darker at the beginning) & slowly bring it all the way to the tip of the brow. Brace yourself because you look a little weird with the tint on your face. LOL.

6.) After you’ve covered all your eyebrow hairs, stop (don’t go overboard on this). I like to leave it on for one minute. Sometimes a minute & 20 seconds if I’m feeling bold.

7.) After the minute, use a cotton ball to remove it towards your ear, across your face.

8.) Then give it a harder removal with another cotton ball. Press harder for second removal.

9.) Do the same exact thing to the other brow.

10.) Your brows will be dark & bold. Wait an hour. Then wash your face. Trust me the next day or two you will loveeeeee it.

** if it’s too dark for you wash it off strongly with a wash cloth & coconut oil || if they aren’t dark enough, just do the whole process again! I like to do this every 2 to 4 weeks. Either way, you’ll have amazing, defined eye brows.

Since you’ve had lots of questions about brows over the years, here is a video I shot a few years ago that walks you through how I do my brows almost every day. It still mostly true, but I’ve switched up some products which I’ll list out below.

If you’re too scared to tint your brows at home but want to know what all the fuss is about, do baby steps. Try out TINTED BROW GEL. I like that too if I need to save time.


+ brush your brows upward instead of laying them down. It opens the face.

+ let your brows grow for a few months – it’s bold and you’ll be able to really see what you’re working with.

+ carry spoolies in all your bags so you can brush up whenever you get the chance.

What are your top secret brow tips? Let me know any brow pencils or powders you love.

x, Lauryn

+ went to hard on the tint? read this post for the fix.

++ if you want to get back into soap brows, here’s a how to.