Ooof Lauren, that sounds really hard! I was the first of my friends to have a baby so felt the same chasm – as much as you love your friends, it’s so helpful to have people around who are going through the same/similar moments and you can bounce off with “is this normal?”, “how do you deal with this?” type questions. No tips for specific places to me but, keep trying! Other than classes are there other activities that run “mum/parent&bub(baby)” sessions? I know a few of our local climbing gyms do mum and bub sessions but also local libraries and craft workshops, there’s even mum and bub surf sessions where a few mums surf and a few stay on the beach with the babies and then you switch (I’m on the Gold Coast, Australia). Is there an activity or type of activity that you really enjoy/enjoyed/want to try that might have a group of other mums doing it that you could tap into (through community pages, sports groups, facebook pages etc.)? Good luck, I hope you find your person or people! Last thing, just ask for the phone number, it’s so hard but “hey, are you ever free for coffee or a playdate, here’s my number”, “what’s your number?” I always felt like it was a big ask and I don’t know why so now I tell myself, just ask.


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