Mixing her deep jazzy voice with Cameroonian makossa-inspired riffs, New Yorker Nina Lüders, known by her stage name Speedrun, is bringing her unique style to the world of alt-rock. Her latest EP, titled “Love’s Latest News,” is a dynamic collection of songs that offers a deep retrospective of ideals of love from times of yore and how they’re reflected in our modern world.

The central motif of Speedrun’s EP is one of self-love and nostalgia. Each track on “Love’s Latest News” offers a different experience, ranging from a chill ambiance to upbeat energy. She takes us down memory lane and transports us back to the early 00s indie rock scene, where introspection and catchy melodies reigned supreme. One of the notable highlights of the EP is “What He’s Used To,” a jaunty and uplifting track that perfectly showcases Speedrun’s raspy rhythm and enjoyable lyrics. Another standout is “Daydream Delusion” with smooth guitars and a memorable chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. Speedrun’s ability to effortlessly blend nostalgic elements with her unique take on alt-rock shines through in this track, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a good dose of amazing music.

“I wrote this EP as a love letter to 2000s indie rock, with the cover art of me in a suit of armor to both highlight the medieval theme and introduce imagery of a young black woman empowered in her own hero’s journey. The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael found me on TikTok and offered to join the project as the lead mixer and really drove home the nostalgic garage rock sound while keeping it contemporary for all kinds of listeners.” – Speedrun

“Love’s Latest News” further solidifies Speedrun’s position in the music scene as a talented female songwriter unafraid of taking risks and exploring new sounds. Her determination to create music that breaks through the boundaries of the genre is evident in each of the songs she offers. If you’re a fan of alt-rock and early 00s indie rock, make sure to check out this incredible array of songs. You won’t be disappointed!


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