I shared a little about my experience getting hypnotized on our podcast in episode #185. But I thought I’d also share a blog post about it, and a little update on how things have been so far (three months after).

First off, I decided to get hypnotized because I was trying to stop biting my nails. I’ve been a nail biter my whole life, as long as I can really remember. I’ve had times I’ve stopped before, but it never seems to stick.

I’ve tried lots of different products and hacks over the years but nothing seemed to work for me long-term.

When I had my consultation call with my hypnotist, I shared my goal and I thought it was interesting to hear that many of his clients get hypnotized for other habit-related things like quitting smoking and weight loss.

I was his first client who was trying to quit biting their nails. And while it’s only been three months since I was hypnotized, I haven’t bitten my nails since, which is really, really great for me! Here’s what the process looked like.

If I’m being honest, I never really thought I’d try hypnosis. It seemed kind of, well, hokey. But one day I was looking at my nails, which were very bitten down and hurt, and I just thought “I need to try something else. I don’t want to give up yet.”

And I felt open to trying anything (safe). And while I didn’t have much confidence that getting hypnotized would work, I also was open to the possibility that it could.

And at the very least, it probably wouldn’t hurt in any way other than the small amount of time and money I invested in the experience. I also thought, worst case, it’s still a fun story. I had nothing to lose.


I started by asking all my friends if they had ever been to a hypnotist in Springfield, Missouri where I live. No one had. So, I turned to Google. I found a few options and emailed/booked calls.

Personally, I probably would not have felt comfortable going straight into a session never having met the hypnosis or knowing anyone who had gone to them.

If you are looking to get hypnotized, I would recommend finding someone who offers a consultation call or some kind of introductory call (for free) so you can make sure it’s a fit.


Before the session, he had me fill out a couple forms. One was a pretty standard medical-type form. The other had me list my goal, reasons why I wanted to achieve this goal, and what my life would be like months and years after I achieved it.

Although this didn’t take long (probably 30-40 minutes to fill it out), it was super valuable. He used my answers during my session, so that’s part of the purpose.

But also, just sitting and thinking about why I wanted to stop biting my nails and list out the reasons and thinking about what life would look like once I did quit was very empowering. It made me feel even more motivated about my goal.

Getting Hypnotized

I chose to do hypnosis over a Zoom call rather than in person. I liked the idea of being in my home and feeling safe and alone during the process. With my knowledge and permission, he recorded our session and sent the recording to me afterward. I can go through the session again anytime I need, which is awesome.

I sat in my office chair (which is comfortable, but not put-you-to-sleep-comfortable) in my home office with the door closed during our call. It was quiet, but not perfectly so, I could hear a neighbor mowing part of the time which wasn’t an issue at all.

I had my eyes closed during the hypnosis and at times he had me do a few small actions like make a fist or lift my arm. Nothing too crazy. I didn’t have to “bawk” like a chicken, but I’m sure you could request that if you wanted. 🙂

The experience felt a lot like a guided mediation that was made just for me and my specific goal with some of my language (from the form) weaved throughout. I felt very relaxed afterward.

There were parts that felt emotional—like he had me visit child-Emma in my mind and give her a message of love. But I’m the sort of person I sometimes cry a little during yoga and definitely movies. I’m pretty open to my emotions when I choose to be.

I saw Andrew Waldowski with Vibrational Hypnosis. The consultation was free and the call was $150 for 1.5 hour session (in early 2023). He also mentioned Jo Moon (also in Springfield where I live) is another great option, although I haven’t tried.

I also really appreciate this podcast episode from Brit Morin: Does Hypnotherapy Work?, so that’s a great listen if you’re looking to learn more. What do you think about hypnosis? All the best, Emma


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