Nekko Japanese Scalp Treatment

The Japanese believe that many of our hair problems such as excess oil, flakiness, dullness, thinning to weak strands can benefit from a scalp treatment much like a facial. Though I use deep cleansing shampoo before coloring my hair to remove heavy product accumulation, this was my first experience using an intensive system of the four products in the Nekko head spa signature set and scalp oil sent for this review.

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These hair products are full of nurturing botanicals and healthy natural ingredients to protect, detoxify, stimulate blood flow to the region, shed dead skin cells, and invigorate the hair follicles for new growth and strength. At the same time, this regime of products that are meant to be used once a week is designed to soothe scalp irritation and pave the way for thicker, stronger, shiner locks.

Unlike those with lots of flaking due to a greasy scalp, I have hair on the dry side. But I do have more dullness than I care to admit, which I would love to rectify. Seriously, I did not know what focusing so much attention on the roots to expect, but I started with rubbing the scalp briskly while my hair was dry first to prep my hair for this Japanese scalp treatment.

I started by applying the Nekko pre-scalp cleanse ($36) and leisurely massaging the scalp in for a few minutes. You might want to compare this to a strong cleanser with plant-based ingredients such as kelp, green tea, eucalyptus, and amino acids among others to power this system up for encouraging the regrowth and fortifying the health of the hair.

After rinsing this pre-scalp cleanser out, I tried the Nekko scalp oil and massaged it in continuously for a few minutes as well. I could have gone directly with the cleansing shampoo, but this hair product helps with exfoliating the follicles and moisturizing the scalp for hair health. I left this hair oil on my head for about ten minutes before rinsing it out.

The Nekko hair spa shampoo ($63) was mint scented and luxurious with such ingredients as ginger, rosemary, bilberry, and fine bubble water for cleaning, repairing and adding glossy shine. You get a refillable bottle and a package of shampoo to insert before twisting the container for use. Just like using the others, I massaged this shampoo in slow, repetitive motions, leaving it on my scalp for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

Finally my pampered scalp was ready for the final step in this Japanese scalp treatment with the Nekko rejuvenation serum ($66), a daily conditioning scalp serum for maximizing moisture and assisting with the hair growth cycle. I applied about five drops of this non-greasy serum all over my scalp and towel-dried hair.

When I dried and styled my hair, I really did notice an increase in shine and softness from all the gunk it must have removed. In fact, my hair felt lighter if that makes any sense with a cooler, energized scalp.

Seeing such a transformation on my own head, I decided to become a Nekko affiliate after what these hair products did for me. Seriously, if you have hair issues such as greasy scalp, heavy flaking and weak, slow growing hair, then check these Nekko hair scalp products out. You may be in for a beautiful surprise just like me.


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