Hi friends! I know this might be a divisive topic, but I have to ask! Are you in the mood to decorate for the holidays yet? Whether you believe firmly in waiting until after Thanksgiving, or you believe the Christmas season starts on November 1st, I have a holiday home decor roundup for you!

Lately, I’ve been busy over on my LTK putting together my home for the holidays series where I’ve sourced and found the best holiday decor finds. Because holiday decor can be a little bit overwhelming, I’ve decided to break them up into sections, such as faux Christmas trees, holiday garlands, holiday decorative bits, and so on. In this post I’ve combined all of my holiday home decor finds so that you can refer back to them in one spot. I hope that this roundup is a helpful, and fun, resource for you this holiday season. So, let’s jump in!

Holiday Home Decor Roundup

Faux Christmas Trees

Investing in a high-quality, timeless faux Christmas tree is something that I’ve never regretted doing. For us, we love this faux Christmas tree and it’s the best! I’m a little too excited to pull it out again this year and decorate it as a family, it might just have to come out a tad early.

Holiday Garland

Do you typically decorate with holiday garlands around your house? I love to drape garland around areas like my fireplace to spruce up the stockings, and any staircase banisters. I have my eye on this holiday garland because I think it would pair well with our tree!

Holiday Decorative Bits

When it comes to decorative holiday bits, these evergreen painted glass candles are adorable, and I have plans to order several of them to place throughout our home. Also, I have my eye on a few new Spode pieces to add to my collection – they are so classic!

Holiday Wreaths

My favorite way to spruce up a front door space for Christmas is by adding a festive wreath! This pre-lit wreath is simple and stunning, and it would even look great with an added ribbon. For another option, I also love the bells on this wreath!

Holiday Decor from H&M

For someone who prefers gold over faux greenery, this metal eucalyptus leaf wreath is a gorgeous option! This would be a perfect match for a front door or even over some windows. Adding holiday-themed towels to spaces such as a guest bath or the kitchen is a simple way to spruce up your home for the holidays.

Holiday Decor from Anthropologie

This winter coffee table book would be a stunning and subtle addition to your living room decor for the season. Also, I love that this book isn’t overly holiday-themed so it can stay out throughout the winter months of the new year. Lastly, how cute is this bistro dish? This can be used to serve sweet treats or even as decor!

Which of these finds from this holiday home decor roundup do you have your eye on? Let me know in the comments! xo.