What are you up to this weekend? Toby’s 13th birthday party is tomorrow. TEENAGER TIME! (Even though he was born yesterday). We’ll be playing basketball and eating a basketball-y cake and celebrating this magical person. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Which team are you on: young Pacino or young De Niro? This question broke the internet this week.

Found! The best sailor-y white jeans for summer.

A delicious summer salad, especially with a jammy egg.

If I were a white women, would my child have been born two months early? “By the time I was rolled into the operating room, it was in many ways already too late for me. I was already at the end of a long chain of injustices that couldn’t be unbroken at the final link. The decades-long government campaign of forced sterilizations of Black women. The doctor who, in my twenties, casually asked me when I complained of period pain, whether I didn’t want to just get rid of my uterus altogether. (I didn’t!) The persistent but misguided belief that Black people have a higher pain tolerance. The time I got asked on the playground whether Black people had feelings. The list goes on. Would the outcome have been different for me if I hadn’t experienced — directly or indirectly — all of this? Probably.” (Vogue gift link)

Finding beauty, even in a parking lot.

Writer Marjon Carlos’s Brooklyn apartment, which she shares with a four-legged roomie: “On her 39th birthday, her boyfriend presented her with a box. A box large enough to fit a French bulldog. It was a French bulldog.”

Sidewalk gardens.

Mom hugs.

Let’s talk about menopause. “Most people can’t even identify what perimenopause is! But yeah, that’s the thing — and I’m not knocking ob-gyns. They were so helpful to me in this book. But imagine if your ob-gyn or your primary care physician just said, ‘Okay, you’re in your 30s. Here’s what’s coming; here’s what you need to know. Here’s what symptoms to look out for, so you can identify patterns.’”

This exact road trip snack reminds me of my childhood.


Plus, three reader comments:

Says Emily on where have you run into an ex: “I was seated with friends eating breakfast when I saw an ex leaving the restaurant. It had been a recent and rough breakup, so my response was to put my head down on the table. As if he wouldn’t see me and wouldn’t recognize all my friends. No regrets.”

Lauren O. on where have you run into an ex: “I was in a co-ed shower room in a youth hostel in Amsterdam and got to chatting with the guy in the stall next to mine. We determined that we were both American, both from the west coast, both Californian, both southern Californian, both from Orange County, and, ‘Wait,’ he said, ‘…Lauren?’”

Says Gretchen on 8 readers share their hobbies: “My favorite hobbies are eating and reading, so a few years back, I turned that into an Instagram page where I review books and pair them with food that I cook at home. It’s satisfying to read a book and think, ‘What would go well with this?’ Best hobby I’ve ever had.”

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