Believe it or not, we are coming up to five years in our “new” house. 


That is such a spin out!

Our lives have changed dramatically in that time; our nest is now empty.

I can see a day is coming when we will want to move on to the next chapter in our lives. (Some days that seems like it will be sooner rather than later, particularly after the knee pain that really bothered me when going up or down the stairs, for quite a few weeks at the end of last year!).

Regardless of whether we stay or go, the bathrooms need a whole lot of lovin’. We’ve known it since the day we moved in, and yet … here we are, no closer to making it a reality!

Funnily enough, I don’t have many photos of our bathrooms. Here’s one of the ensuite from when we moved in – pretty small, and uninspring.

It’s not the expense that bothers us so much (though there is that to consider) – it’s more the interruption and inconvenience. Sponge bath in the kitchen sink … anyone!?

However that hasn’t stopped me from researching the possibilities. And I’ve discovered some pretty cool new bathroom trends for 2023 – a few of which I think could work quite nicely in our home.

deep bath
NOT my bathroom … but I can dream! I’d love a deep tub like this …

We’ve got two bathrooms upstairs, and a half bath downstairs. They’re all pretty small but there’s still potential to create that ‘wow’ factor. After all, the bathroom should be a sanctuary and a beautiful place to get yourself centred and calm ahead of the day!

Some of the latest bathroom trends that have caught my attention:

  • Earthy colours. Say goodbye to the all-white bathroom trend, and hello to delicious layers of caramel, terracotta, cream and sand. Oh-so-dreamy!
  • Frameless shower screens. Now these are pretty self-explanatory: Shower screens with no frames, but they really give the illusion that they’re floating in the air, secured only by stylish wall and panel brackets. Love them. And the best part? There’s no frame for the dreaded mould to settle into … Hallelujah!
  • Handmade tiles. I’m seeing more and more bathrooms with gorgeous handmade, imperfect tiles that really add a textural element and individuality to the space. Some bold colour choices too, like fuchsia and eggplant purple, to make it even more striking.
  • Timber floors, cabinets and accessories. Apparently natural wood is making a comeback in the bathroom. It’s certainly a great way to add warmth, and set a relaxed tone in the room.
  • Retro design. Personally I think this belongs back in the 70’s, but Zoë Foster Blake’s stunner of a powder room is pretty impressive!
  • Smart features. Now we’re getting real fancy. I’m noticing people are starting to install things like bathtubs with air jets, and digital showering systems that allow you to set up your own personal sensory combinations of water, music, light and steam. Taking the humble bathroom experience to the next level, that’s for sure! As I struggle with driving the TV remote, not sure these ones are for me …

So, loads of interesting new ideas I’m starting to consider for when it’s time to hammer into those tiles (excuse me as I assume the foetal position …).

Are there any other cool new bathroom design trends you’ve come across that I should add to the list?


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