Oftentimes, patients do not take their medication as prescribed because they do not remember or do not clearly understand their doctor’s instructions. In fact, some stop taking their drugs halfway because they are back on their feet or even because they do not like the side effects of such medication. Are you one of those patients that find it hard to adhere to the doctor’s prescription instructions? Then this article is for you! Here are some reasons why it is important for you to take your medications as prescribed.

  • It Aids in Faster Recovery Processes

As unbelievable as it sounds, using your medications against the doctor’s prescriptions can slow your recovery process. It is better to use medications as prescribed if you want a fast and painless recovery process. Moreover, your doctor is the expert and obviously knows what is best for you. Following your doctor’s instructions helps you to keep up your medication routine, thereby avoiding mistakes that might lead to dire consequences. Again, it is usually easier to remember what has become a routine action meaning that you are unlikely to make mistakes in taking your medications when you stick to the doctor’s prescription.

  • It Helps You Manage Symptoms

Medications are usually prescribed to help manage specific symptoms or conditions. Using the prescribed dose can help the drugs to effectively do what they are intended to do thereby reducing the risk of complications or adverse reactions. In fact, you could go further by checking any information related to your prescribed medication on an online source, such as PrescriberPoint. This can help you locate warnings of serious interactions between such medication and other substances if any. You can also find accurate and detailed drug dosage information which will help you avoid potential risks.

  • It Prevents Disease Progression

If you have been diagnosed with a disease by your doctor, it is essential to strictly adhere to prescription directions. This will largely help to prevent such disease from progressing or worsening. For instance, if your doctor has prescribed antibiotics for your condition, using the right dosage as prescribed can prevent the spread of infection and reduce the risk of antibiotic-resistant infections.

  • It Can Reduce Healthcare Costs

Using your medications wrongly can result in life-threatening situations and even death. It is essential to use your drugs as prescribed in order to avoid further healthcare costs which are oftentimes more expensive than what you have spent before. Adhering to your prescribed medications can reduce healthcare costs related to medication misuses such as emergency department visits, hospitalization, addiction recovery treatment, and the need for additional medications.

  • It Helps To Avoid Medication Errors.

Taking your drugs as prescribed is important because it can help avoid medication errors. Medication errors could mean taking the wrong dose or even the wrong medication continuously. This could lead to adverse reactions such as substance use disorders. It could also lead to death. As a patient, you cannot afford to get your medication instructions wrong. If you are confused about the dosage or even the medication itself, it is better to contact your doctor before usage.

  • It Helps To Maintain the Treatment Schedule.

Some medications are stronger than others. There are some medications that require a consistent dosage and timing to maintain a steady level in the bloodstream. When you skip doses or take such medications at irregular times, they might lose their potency. Moreover, not completing your dosage might lead to a relapse in which your medical condition could become worse. Taking your medications as prescribed helps you maintain the treatment schedule and achieve the desired therapeutic effects.

  • It Helps To Improve Your Health Outcome.

The primary aim of seeing a doctor when you are ill is to improve your health. Every medication is prescribed for a reason, either to relieve pain, prevent disease or treat diseases and infections. You can, however, only improve your health and the outcome by taking your medications in the right prescriptions. Doing this can do things such as improving cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of a stroke or heart attack.


Your health is a major priority. A healthy individual is more likely to live a better life than a sick person. If you are having issues getting your prescriptions right, make sure to discuss with your doctor to see if they can come up with better, less stressful and more understandable prescription options.


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