Everyone’s IVF journey is different. Some go through it like they were born for it while some can easily feel overwhelmed. This is the case because we get overwhelmed by so many questions like how many times can you do ivf and how much things can cost mixed with the daily cocktail of emotions that changing hormones bring about. It is wild out there in the IVF jungle. But fret not as we got just the right tips to keep you grounded. As in all things in life, anything is manageable so long as you have the right preparation. Read on, learn, and apply away.

1. Educating yourself will go a long way.

You will have an easier time dealing with everything that IVF will throw your way if you know what you will work with. You need to educate yourself. You need to do enough research. You need to be aware of the process and everything that it will entail. This will minimize the shock that you will feel in every new experience and the emotions that it will introduce you to. Apart from a baby, your IVF journey will also allow you to give birth to a brand new you.

2. Choice of Fertility Clinic

Most of your worries will also melt away if you know that you’re in good hands. The guidance and expert techniques of doctors and fertility practitioners who have been with hundreds of people who have gone through the same journey will never let you down. They will always know what to say and what to do for all your issues and concerns. They will always know the right words and correct methods.

3. Open Communication with Your Team of Healthcare Experts

It is imperative that you keep an open communication line with your healthcare team. You should always feel free to ask questions and seek clarification. They will always be there to support you and you should always be fully aware of that fact. When in doubt and when experiencing difficulty, you should always choose to reach out. Communicating with your team in a consistent, open, and honest manner will make things easier for you.

4. Obedience

Your doctor knows what is best for you. Your IVF journey will make you feel uncomfortable and weird on numerous occasions and it would be easy for you to disobey and disregard your doctor’s instructions. Avoid doing that. You do not want any unnecessary complications and confusion on top of all that you’re going through. Your doctor knows what is best for you. Obey your doctor at all times. Your treatment plan was designed personally for you, and you must follow through.

5. Health

You will have an easier time dealing with the physical and emotional demands of IVF if you will be in overall good health. You need to fully understand that you’re going through this journey so that your body may be able to conceive. You need to make your body conducive to bringing forth life. A woman’s body needs to be perfect to become a baby’s first home. This is why you need to have a healthy lifestyle. Do this by engaging in regular physical activities, having a balanced diet, and intentionally practicing stress management techniques. A body that is in a good state will allow you to easily handle stress.

6. Emotional Support

Going through an IVF journey on your own is not ideal. You would need emotional support. You would need to be vulnerable and soft enough to ask for help. You will need to have a good level of humility to allow people to help you.

7. Home Prep

It will be easy for you to manage everything if your space is conducive to everything that you will be going through. You should make your home conducive for resting. You should also dedicate a space for all your medications and IVF needs. Making it easier for you to move about and organize everything is highly advised.

8. Schedule Everything

The easiest way to get hold of your nerves and your stress level is to schedule everything. Scheduling everything will give a clear idea of things that truly matter. Concerns that get stuck in your head and don’t get acted upon will just make you feel frustrated and stuck. When things are scheduled, you will get to do everything that needs to get done. You will also not feel overwhelmed at all as you would be reminded that you’re in control and all is well after all.

9. Have a Journal

Experts also highly advise that you keep a journal. Keeping a log of all the emotions that you go through and thoughts that consume you will give you an idea of your overall headspace. It will give you a clue as to what is going on inside you. It will also show you all that is kept hidden and true inside you. Keeping a journal will allow you to see where your life is and where you want to bring it to. In this case, you want one with a baby in it.

10. Manage Your Expectations

You should take time to fully be aware of your expectations. Doing research will make you aware that IVF success rates vary. This is why you need to brief yourself early on. Keep a positive mindset and always look at the bright side.



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