We all know that certain habits are good for our health. But did you know that there are some lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of developing dementia? Researchers have found that there are some habits that can actually slow the decline of your memory. And they’re pretty easy to incorporate into your lifestyle!

A healthy diet

This is kind of a no-brainer, but we wanted to mention it anyway. The food you eat affects your health. And it doesn’t mean you have to eat only certain types of foods, as some diets suggest. Researchers have found that including at least seven of the twelve food groups in your diet can have some significant benefits for your health. It can play a really big role in slowing down the deterioration of your memory! So, remember to eat a varied diet and not exclude salt, fat and sugar. Make sure you eat a little bit of everything instead of just one type of food.

Cognitive activity

If you want to keep your memory from deteriorating, you need to keep your brain active. And the way to do that is by doing cognitive exercises. Cognitive activity is the second best way to slow the decline of your memory. So, all you have to do to stay cognitively active is to read a book, write or play cards twice a week. Or you can go to the next level and enroll in a new class. All you have to do is activate your brain. This will reduce the risk of getting dementia.

Regular Exercise

This is also kind of obvious since we all know the benefits of exercise. But regular exercise is actually the third best way to slow the decline of your memory and reduce your risk of dementia. And all you have to do is exercise 150 minutes a week. seventy-five if you do a more intense workout. It’s that easy!

Social activity

Social interaction is important. Not just to feel connected and not feel lonely, but because it can actually protect you from dementia. Participating in social activities at least twice a week will have some major health benefits. Especially your memory! Activities you could participate in are going to parties, attending meetings or gatherings, and visiting family or friends.


If you want to protect your memory, you should stay away from alcohol. Because alcohol does you no favors when it comes to your memory. So if you want to fight your memory decline; extend your Dry January and make it Dry every month instead!


Another bad habit that can negatively affect your memory is smoking. We all knew that smoking increases your risk of developing cancer, and we don’t need to tell you that smoking just isn’t that good for you. But we didn’t know it could negatively affect your memory! All the more reason to quit!

Fortunately, you don’t have to implement all of these lifestyle changes right away. The study found that people who already incorporated four to six of these habits into their lives were 90% less likely to develop dementia. People who made lifestyle changes in just two or three of these areas were 30% less likely to develop dementia. Dr Susan Mitchell, head of policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK, told The Guardian: “This is a well-conducted study that follows people over a long period of time and adds to the considerable evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help to maintain memory and thinking skills as we age. Too few of us know that there are steps we can all take to reduce our chances of dementia in later life.

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