Europe’s largest tech conference, the Web Summit, is just a few days away and a list of tech companies and other high-profile speakers has been confirmed to the event kick starting its 2023 edition on Monday, November 13th.

According to the organisers of the summit, several global partners have already confirmed their attendance, including the European Commission, as well as government delegations from more than 50 countries including Germany, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine and Italy.

Some of the companies attending the event are environment-focused endeavours tackling climate change by equipping their communities with the tools to change the world.

Here are four of these environment-focused companies attending the Web Summit in 2023.

The Black Bag

Founded in 2019, The Black Bag is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, apolitical organisation cultivating environmental respect through tech and data analysis.

Its mission is to clean up Genoese beaches and promote a culture of respect for the environment and its inhabitants. To do so, The Black Bag team organises and promotes local activities and high-impact projects with the scientific community.

Since its inception, the organisation has brought together more than 1,250 volunteers and collected more than eight tonnes of waste.


Earthed is a nature skills platform offering courses on agroforestry, growing food, bioconstruction and more.

It enables people to learn skills from nature teachers, celebrate traditional knowledge and take part in community activities.

The organisation also offers a community space where users can access community forums, live events and support. Here, patrons can learn everything from how to care for houseplants to regenerative farming and harvesting rainwater.


Hero is a membership platform providing financial and capacity-building support to climate mobilisers.

It is the first subscription service that allows users to directly invest in campaigners accelerating policy change.

Rather than just supporting individuals, Hero supports groups of activists working together, specialising in policy topics and geographical regions.

UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Vienna, UNIDO is a specialised agency of the United Nations assisting countries with economic and industrial development.

Its strategic priorities include creating shared prosperity, advancing economic competitiveness, safeguarding the environment and strengthening knowledge and institutions.

UNIDO currently has 666 ongoing projects and an implementation budget of US$372.64m planned for 2023.

Around 70,000 people are expected to attend Web Summit, which runs from November 13th to 16th in Lisbon, Portugal.


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