Several members of ID, including Vlaams Belang MEP Gerolf Annemans and far-right German MEP Maximilian Krah, attended the event in the European Parliament, hosted by the ECR.

The conference demonstrated that the parties share much common ground when it comes to attacking the EU’s new migration deal, bashing bureaucrats, and pillorying the Green Deal as devastating for national industries.

However, apart from saying that discussions on Ukraine’s membership in the EU should be divorced from talk about its war with Russia, Orbán avoided the subject.

Fidesz MEP Kinga Gál said she hoped her party would join the ECR (Fidesz has been politically homeless in Europe since leaving the center-right European People’s Party in 2021).

Gál also brushed off notions that Fidesz and Poland’s Law & Justice (Morawiecki’s party) differ on supporting Ukraine against Russian invaders. “I am very positive about that,” she said, arguing the two had plenty in common as parties running on a “sovereigntist” platform.

National Rally MEP Gilles Lebreton said “negotiations are underway,” but downplayed the importance of forming a single large group combining Euroskeptics, nationalists and the far right.