Belgium (Brussels Morning Newspaper), Several political parties in the European parliament have joined forces to support military backing for Ukraine.

The move comes with the still unfolding war in the country showing no signs of abating.

Now, all the mainstream political groups, have issued a statement that backs continued support for Ukraine.

The statement, issued on 16 January, is signed by Manfred Weber, EPP; Iratxe García Pérez, S&D; Malik Azmani, Renew Europe; Philippe Lamberts and Terry Reintke, The Greens and Ryszard Antoni Legutko and Nicola Procaccini, ECR.

The statement reads: “The EU and its Member States have been standing with Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked, illegal, and brutal war of aggression ever since 24 February 2022.”

“European leaders have committed to support Ukraine as long as it takes and our support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity remains unwavering.”

It goes on, “The EU has so far delivered over 80 billion EUR of support to Ukraine, including humanitarian and emergency assistance, budget support,macro-financial assistance, and military.”

It states that the EU’s Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine) has trained well over 30,000 Ukrainian troops, demonstrating the Union’s strong commitment to supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as has the unprecedented use of the European Peace Facility.

The Mission’s work, as well as other Union-led efforts and bilateral military support by Member States, are, it says, “crucial to sustaining Ukraine’s and Europe’s defense against Russian aggression.”

The long statement says, “In recent weeks, the intensity of Russian attacks against civilians in Ukraine has grown sharply. Despite the quality of air defense systems in Ukraine, too many civilians have died, and countless residential buildings and civilian infrastructure have been destroyed.

“The violence of the latest Russian military attacks against the Ukrainian territory and population demonstrates that Russia has no intention of ceasing its war of aggression. Instead, it has put in place a war economy.

 “The EU, together with its transatlantic partners, must stay the course in line with its commitments taken. The European Council should urgently agree on the economic and financial support proposed under the Ukraine Facility which will help Ukraine maintain basic services to its citizens such as schools, hospitals, and social security, and will support economic and social recovery, modernization, and reconstruction.

“The European Council should take decisive action to increase the production, joint procurement, and delivery of weapons and ammunition necessary for Ukraine. There cannot be Ukraine fatigue in Europe when not only the security of Ukraine but also the security of the entire European continent depends on Russia not winning this war.

“The EU must leave no doubt that it will maintain its resolve to support Ukraine in freeing its people, liberating its territories, and re-establishing full control over its entire territory within internationally recognized borders.”

It adds, “We, the Presidents of the main political groups of the European Parliament,  urge the European Council and European Member States to live up to their promises, ensure effective and sustainable long-term military support to Ukraine and the defense of the Union and to provide Ukraine with the economic and financial support that are needed to maintain vital services to Ukrainian citizens and ensure economic and social recovery from the war.”