The Spanish Tourist Office in the United Kingdom has revealed the winners for Spain’s inaugural Sustainable Media Awards.

The awards were announced at a ceremony at The Conduit, London following Spain’s first ‘Sustainability Summit’ which featured important discussion and debate on key issues relating to the travel industry and sustainability.

The Sustainable Media Awards recognise the best travel content by UK writers showcasing themes which correspond to Spain’s sustainable tourism pillars such as seasonal or geographic diversification, forming a connection with local people and cultures, visiting lesser visited areas and taking part in low-impact activities such as cycling and walking, as well a travelling by train and other forms of public transport.

Prior to the media awards, Wanderlust Magazine, presented a special ‘Spain Sustainability Champion Award’ to Gabriel Escarrer, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Meliá Hotels International, for being a pioneer and driver of sustainable tourism not only within Spain, but globally; working to inspire and innovate across the hospitality industry to minimise its environmental impact and generate a global net positive impact.

The winners and runner-up for each category in Spain’s Sustainable Media Awards 2023 are:

Sustainable Blog, Vlog or Podcast of the Year 

Runner-up: Teresa Gomez – A 5-day Northern Spain itinerary trip (Brogan Abroad)

Winner: Jodie Dewberry – How to enjoy sustainable tourism in Mallorca: 21 ecotourism experiences for every traveller to enjoy (Alajode)

Online Consumer Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year

Runner-up: Vincent Crump – Beach-hopping along Menorca’s ancient walking trail (

Winner: Manni Coe – A lesson in slow travel: walking the Camino de Santiago with my brother (The Guardian)

Consumer Magazine Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year (print) 

Runner-up: Chris Fitch – Bears in mind (Geographical Magazine)

Winner: Jessica Vincent – Dine out in Galicia’s Unofficial Restaurants (Food by National Geographic)

Consumer National Newspaper Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year (print) 

Runner-up: Xenia Taliotis – Spain’s greenest Sierra (The Sunday Times)

Winner: Chris Haslam – We’re going on a bear hunt (The Sunday Times)

“Sustainable travel is at the heart of our strategy here at the Spanish Tourist Office and we are delighted to see the variety and quality of the pieces submitted for our inaugural media awards. I would like to congratulations everyone that made the shortlist and we thank the UK media for illustrating such important topics.”, says Manuel Butler, director of the Spanish Tourist Office.

Across Europe travel is shifting towards sustainable tourism. Last year a report released by booking platform Airbnb highlighted a shift in bookings from top destinations to less popular spots, in both, urban and rural areas, with a decrease interest in popular destinations and with guests booking more often less-visited communities ranked outside Airbnb’s 20 top destinations.


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