Every birth brings new amazing life into the world and as we age our body grows and develops. There are many unusual facts about the body that you probably do not know. The human body is like a miracle, it is unique, writes the Chinese publication Sohu.

A few months ago, scientists discovered a “new organ” in our immune system located in front of the lymph nodes. It is able to “remember” all the diseases a person has ever suffered from and record all our vital signs, like an intelligent machine. However, this is not the only amazing property of our body. There are many more that you haven’t heard of yet

Our body is taller in the morning

When we wake up every morning, our spine is usually 1-2 centimeters longer than when we went to bed because it is made of cartilage. Under the influence of gravity during the day, we become “lower”. At night, when we lie down, the spine stretches and lengthens. Expert Dr. Jerry Wells says this phenomenon is called reverse compression.

In a state of weightlessness, the heart is rounded

We all think that the heart can only beat and only the frequency of its contractions changes. But in fact, under certain circumstances, the size of the heart can also change. In weightlessness, its muscle mass decreases, the volume decreases and the shape is adjusted accordingly. According to studies by American astronauts, under such conditions, our heart can “round” by 9.4%.

body - a skeleton with a red circle around it's stomach
Photo by julien Tromeur

Stomach acid is able to digest the stomach itself

The concentration of stomach acid is so high that it actually digests the stomach itself. This substance can actually dissolve even a razor blade. When the destructive function of stomach acid becomes more aggressive than the protective lining of the stomach, we can develop an ulcer.

The heartbeat mimics the songs we hear

The speed at which our heart beats is about 60-200 beats per minute, which is exactly the same as the rhythm of most songs we usually listen to. Therefore, our hearts can “imitate” the rhythm of the music we listen to.

Our bodies can glow in the dark

You will be surprised, but our body can really glow in the dark, it’s just that the light emitted by a person is 1000 times weaker than what our eyes can capture. Therefore, we practically do not see it.

Our body can produce alcohol by itself

Our bodies are unique and capable of strange things. Some can even make their own alcohol. Some people get “drunk” after eating certain carb foods. This is because their stomachs cannot metabolize sugar into carbohydrates. Instead, intense fermentation begins inside, as a result of which ethanol is formed and the person gets drunk.

Ears and tongues are as unique as fingerprints

Fingerprint recognition technology was invented a long time ago and is based on their uniqueness. But British scientists found that the level of accuracy of identifying a person by ears can also reach 99.6%. Therefore, maybe in the future we will be able to unlock mobile phones by scanning the earlobe.

Every minute 300 million cells die in our body

The structure of our body is very complex and the number of cells cannot be measured. Did you know that 300 million cells are metabolized in our body every minute? But that number is actually only 0.0001% of all cells

The temperature of the food can affect the taste

Scientists have proven that our perception of taste is determined by the temperature of food: for example, sour taste is more pronounced at high temperatures, while bitter taste is more noticeable at low temperatures. However, coffee can also appear more bitter if it is too hot.

In addition to five flavors, there is also a sixth

Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty are the taste divisions with which we are familiar. But actually, there is a sixth – umami. This is the taste of foods high in protein: meat and seafood. Our receptors are able to perceive it as a separate taste.

We actually have a second brain

Do humans only have one brain? Not really. Scientists at a university in Australia once concluded through research that there is a second brain in our gut – or rather it should be called the first, because it actually developed earlier than the brain. In fact, the gastrointestinal tract is the only body system with its own nervous system that can function without brain control – so the digestive process is completely automated.

So, now you know 11 interesting facts about the body revealed by scientists. In fact, there are more miracles hidden in our complex organism. There are many more that we haven’t explored yet. Take care of your health because there are still so many unknown things in our bodies!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brain-image-on-digital-tablet-6010927/


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