Fans Accuse RHOBH Editors of Being “Biased” After “Cutting” Out Scene With Crystal Kung-Minkoff Despite Being Included in the Trailer, See the Video

Credit: Abaca Press/INSTARimages

Fans are blasting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for editing out scenes of Crystal Kung Minkoff, and they’re demanding “justice for Crystal” as they accuse editors of being “biased.”

Earlier this year, Crystal said she defended Garcelle Beauvais against Dorit Kemsley – but the show cut it out. Some critics, however, claimed Crystal defending Garcelle (again) would be boring, as it’s the only type of conflict she’s willing to have.

According to fan account @queensofbravo, another Crystal scene was taken out.

“First they didn’t include Crystal’s scene defending Garcelle against Dorit, and now they’ve edited out a scene that was included in the trailer,” wrote the account. “We’re feeling ATTACKED!”

The account shared the clip in question, as Crystal exclaimed in the trailer, “This group wants me to scream all the f**king time!”

Other fans reacted in the comments.

“Their editors need to be fired,” declared one viewer. “It’s so biased to cater to Kyle, Doritos and Pat the Puss.”

“Why must they play with Crystal like this?! Giving Denise so much airtime (granted it’s comedic gold) and taking away from one of the most relatable housewives of any franchise,” wrote another.

“Why does bravo do this?!” a third fan asked. “I think they should be more mindful and tab what they put on a trailer to make sure it’s in the show or vice versa 😂 definitely isn’t the first time this has happened!”

“JUSTICE FOR CRYSTAL!! So sick of Bravo cutting the screen time of the few POC they even have on housewives, let alone on rhobh,” said a fourth viewer.

But another fan speculated that the scene will air soon: “Maybe this happened at the end of the taco party and it didn’t air yet? I hope 🤞”

Other fans, however, were critical of Crystal.

“I’m so confused,” said a viewer of the trailer clip. “But it’s Crystal so I don’t really care. She has brought zero to the storyline so far this season.”

Another stated, “If you want Crystal to be a friend of, just do it.. stop giving her a diamond if you’re just gonna give her a friend of edit.”

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