BTS member V dropped his debut solo album “Layover” on Sept. 8, and released his latest music video “Slow Dancing” alongside it. The album hitting shelves is a culmination of over a month of promotion on V’s part, and fans still can’t get enough!

V’s management company, BIGHIT, first shared that V was releasing his first LP on Aug. 8. They revealed the news with a post that included a video teaser. “Hello. This is BigHit Music. We are excited to share more details about the release of BTS member V’s solo album ‘Layover,'” the post read, per the Hindustan Times. “‘Layover’ consists of six tracks in total – five tracks and a bonus track. To fully appreciate the album’s flow, we recommend listening to it in sequence from start to finish.”

The announcement came shortly after BTS member Suga revealed he had begun the process of enlisting for Korea’s mandatory military service, becoming the third group member to do so after Jin and J-Hope. BTS has been on hiatus since 2022 due to the military service requirement, but that hasn’t stopped its members from embarking on successful solo endeavors.

V himself has released several singles over the years, including the 2021 holiday song “Christmas Tree,” which made him the first BTS member to make it on the Hot 100 chart solo, per Forbes. Meanwhile, Jungkook, RM, Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin all released solo projects in 2022, and Suga released an album called “D-Day” in April. Additionally, the group’s memoir, “Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS,” hit shelves on July 9.

Read on to learn everything to know about V’s debut solo album, “Layover.”

V’s “Slow Dancing” Music Video

V released his most ambitious music video yet, “Slow Dancing,” alongside his album on Sept. 8. The video sees V having fun with friends on a road trip that turns fantastical when they start slow dancing on the seashore and take a boat ride.

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V’s “Rainy Days” Music Video

V released the music video for “Rainy Days” on Aug. 11, just two days after “Love Me Again.” Like his lead single, the song’s jazzy vibes hinted at what “Layover”‘s overall sound and vibe would be.

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V’s “Love Me Again” Music Video

On Aug. 9, V released the music video for the first single off “Layover,” called “Love Me Again.” The video features V dressed in a sleek sequin shirt as he sings the song’s sultry lyrics (which contain both Korean and English lyrics), all about wanting a former lover to love him again, into a karaoke machine. Check out the music video below, then read on to learn what the lyrics mean in English (via the Hybe Labels YouTube channel’s official subtitles).

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V’s “Layover” Album Tracklist

Hybe’s official statement described each song on the project. “Rainy Days” is a track that “melds beautifully with the sound of rain and everyday white noises, tugging at the listeners’ heartstrings,” it read. “Blue” is an “homage to old-school R&B with a modern twist, adding a special flair to the song,” and “Love Me Again” is “a light and captivating R&B track with an alluring vibe that lingers long” and lets “V’s signature baritone [shine] through.” Additionally, “Slow Dancing” is described as “the focus track of this album, a ’70s romantic soul style track that exudes a laid-back and free-spirited feeling, just as the title suggests,” while “For Us” is “a pop R&B track that leaves a lasting impression of the entire album” and “serves as an epilogue, stirring up deep emotions with V’s vocals and unique lyrics.” Finally, “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)” is “a piano arrangement of the focus track ‘Slow Dancing,’ which offers a different allure from the original as a bonus track.” According to Billboard, the album was made in collaboration with ADOR president and NewJeans creative director Min Hee-jin.

Check out the whole track list below.

  • “Rainy Days”
  • “Blue”
  • “Love Me Again”
  • “Slow Dancing”
  • “For Us”
  • “Slow Dancing” (piano version)

V’s “Layover” Album Release Date

“Layover” released on Sept. 8.