Update: Tammy Rivera Confirms Her Niece Is The Woman That Was Allegedly Choked By Peter Thomas & Claims That Despite The Not Guilty Verdict, He Did Assault Her Family Member: Everybody Who Was In That Club Saw It


Update: (March 1, 2023): ‘Love & Hip Hop’ alum Tammy Rivera isn’t happy with the not guilty verdict Peter Thomas recently received for allegedly choking a woman named Chanel Williams.

The 36-year-old businesswoman took to her IG stories today (March 1) and confirmed that the woman Peter Thomas allegedly choked is her niece. According to Tammy Rivera, the only reason the former ‘RHOA’ star won the case is because he was able to afford a better lawyer. She said:

“My niece didn’t want me to help her. She didn’t want me involved. She didn’t want me to help her with the lawyer or the case or anything. What it boils down to is he had Warren Brown [and] my niece had a state’s attorney, that’s what happened.”

She continued, expressing that despite the verdict, Thomas is not innocent.

“He put his hands on her, he choked her. She called me outside the restaurant crying, hysterically…and everybody who was in that club saw it.”

After claiming that Thomas called around the morning after the incident “trying to apologize,” Rivera added,

“Thank God that you had a little money to get you a good lawyer [and] get you off, but next time, it might not go that way…Get some help, cause it ain’t go be a next time.”


Original story: (March 1, 2023): Peter Thomas has something to celebrate this morning!

According to reports, the ‘RHOA’ alum was found not guilty on Wednesday (March 1) of assaulting a customer at his Baltimore restaurant, Bar One. The crazy alleged incident occured in March of last year. Reportedly, a woman named Chanel Williams — the alleged victim — was dining at Peter Thomas’ establishment when she noticed the reality star was intoxicated and appeared to be in a bad mood. She then shared her observations of Peter Thomas  – who was allegedly in earshot of her – with a friend. According to Williams, after hearing what she said, Peter became angrier and grabbed her throat, maintaining pressure around her neck for 30 seconds until staff members were able to intervene.

However, Peter (ex-husband of ‘RHOA’ star Cynthia Bailey) has a different side of things. Reportedly, while recently in court, he testified that Williams’ allegations are “ridiculous.” According to the businessman, the woman accusing him of assault was the hysterical one who caused an unnecessary scene. He added that he tried to “ease her off” of him and she fell back into a lounge chair.

Well, it looks like the court has sided with Peter and after the jury deliberated for less than an hour today (March 1), he was acquitted in Baltimore Circuit Court of second-degree assault.

Reports claim that as the verdict was read, Chanel Williams, quickly exited the courtroom.

Peter Thomas

After his time in court, Peter took to Instagram to speak about his victory. He said,

“Hey people, I’ve just walked out of the courthouse…it’s all over the blogs, right?”

He continued,

“I’ve just walked out of the courthouse, and the verdict came back 12 out of 12 juries, not guilty. Keep on coming for me, but I tell them that I’m protected. Try to come for me in all kinds of ways but I’m protected.”

He added,

“Now, when I don’t talk to ya’ll because I think ya’ll on some bs, don’t take it personal. ‘Cause, it’s stuff like this – it’s stuff like this that makes me stronger.”

He captioned his post,

“Though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil .”

(click here to see the video) 

Following the verdict, Peter’s lawyer reportedly said,

“This man is 62, has led a stellar life, built a successful business. And I think the jury rendered the right verdict.”

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Tell us in the comments below! 

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