Mixing their signature sound of indie-punk-rock with classic pop-punk energy, The Underbites completely deliver with their new single “Good Girl”. They have also dropped an accompanying music video, starring Ara Davis, alongside the single release. This acts as the follow-up to their 2022 debut album “Sort It Out”.

The Underbites, a New York City quartet, infuse their pop-punk sound with infectious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and a touch of humour. Led by vocalist and guitarist Jon Fox, their songs offer a refreshing departure from indulging and implying messages, allowing listeners to discover new perspectives and insights. While their music carries an unapologetic edge, The Underbites seamlessly weave wit and intelligence amongst their lyrics, avoiding a heavy-handed approach. With Jon Fox at the helm, supported by Kurt Feldhun on guitar, Ethan Rosenblatt on bass, and Michael Hoffman on drums, the band exemplifies the fusion of accessibility and grit. Their debut album, “Sort It Out”, has garnered thousands of streams on Spotify, with the title track becoming their most-streamed song on the platform. The Underbites stand as a testament to the enduring power of punk music, proving that melodies and hooks can coexist with a raw and rebellious spirit.

“‘Good Girl’ isn’t intended to be smarmy,” explains frontman/guitarist Jon Fox. “I saw the soul singer Simi Stone live and when I saw her play her song ‘Good Girl,’ I thought ‘How interesting would it be to write a song from the point of view of the character — from someone who turned good… but not that good.’”

Watch the official music video to “Good Girl” by The Underbites here:

Taking the spirit of the character in Simi Stone’s track “Good Girl” and creating a relatable story of someone who is attempting to compromise with their mother by showing that they’re a good girl while still doing mildly bad things, The Underbites have really gone on and sold this entire narration. Jon Fox has delved in deeply with the lyrics and it’s totally worked out, giving the listener something to chant along to, whilst also bringing a sense of belief and relatability. The track has a ’90s, ’00s pop-punk edge going for it with Jon Fox completely nailing those raspy vocals that have certainly brought nostalgia for us, back when pop-rock was dominating the charts worldwide. Bouncing off that energy, The Underbites bring addictive rhythmic guitar chords throughout whilst hard-hitting drums transport the listeners back to our rebellious teenage days. The track feels like we’ve just opened a time capsule, and we can’t help but love it.

As for the music video, directed by Kurt Feldhun, we watch Ara Davis bring out her rebellious rock vibe as she listens away to the song. She sings it out loud, dances away to the track, and shows off her good girl free-spirited energy whilst also exuding her slightly bad side in the black clothes she’s wearing and the occasional intercut scenes which include visuals of bullets, smoking, and her craft projects which include knitting and art paintings (which may not be considered rebellious but could be considered bad if you had strict conservative parents who want you to be a doctor or something along those lines). Fun, carefree, and full of energy, Ara Davis performs brilliantly and really has connected with the good girl character that The Underbites have created for this track.

Stream the newly released track on Spotify here:

“Good Girl”, by The Underbites, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. The track is from their forthcoming EP, titled “Four Songs About Girls”, and something tells us that there’s going to be a total of four tracks on this EP, so look out for that.

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