-What do you do when the network asks for a new Batman show with a teenage Bruce Wayne? You create a new Batman animated series…but with a brand new, completely original, Batman. Set 20 years in the future (2019)!

-Hating the idea, Timm and Burnett pitched a slightly altered idea to WB “I’ll never forget, Jamie’s reaction was … it was kind of odd, and I remember this specifically. He said, ‘Yeah, it’s like the new generation of samurai passing his sword onto his protégé.’ And I thought, ‘Well, I don’t really know what that’s about, but yeah. Yeah, like that”

-Thus Batman Beyond was born! The show would introduce and revolve around Terry McGinnis who takes up the Bat mantle with a 50ish yr old Bruce Wayne as his mentor. The show would introduce brand new villains along with seeing some old Bat characters show up such as Barbara Gordon being head of the police department as opposed to Oracle, Mr. Freeze, Jokers legacy, and Tim Drake. Dick Grayson & Selina Kyles futures would remain a mystery as they never appeared in the show.

-The series would be set in the famous DCAU and run for 3 seasons/52 episodes and 1 animated movie ‘Return of the Joker’

-While WB/DC refuse to take Batman Beyond back to the animated or live action small or big screen….it has continued the shows legacy in various comic book titles with differing continuity.

Source and my childhood