Rocio Durcal

Rocío Dúrcal was a Mexican singer and actress who achieved great popularity in her native country and Latin America. She is considered one of the best interpretive ranchera singers and has been referred to as the “Queen of Ranchera Music.” Durcal recorded more than 60 albums throughout her career, and her hits include “Volver A Verte,” “Camino De La Felicidad,” and “Búfalo Bill.” She also appeared in many films, including the highly popular ” Canción de Juventud ” (1962) and ” Rocío de La Mancha” (1963). Durcal passed away in 2006 at the age of 61. Below are ten of the best songs recorded by Rocío Dúrcal:

10. Don Quijote (1963)

Don Quijote is a ranchera song recorded for her 1963 album ” Rocío de la Mancha .” The song is about the iconic Spanish literary figure, Don Quixote, and his noble quest to right all wrongs. Dúrcal’s interpretation of the song is both stirring and emotional, making it one of her best recordings. The lyrics describe how Don Quixote was “a man of courage and convictions” who was “ahead of his time.”

9. Clavellina Hermosa (1971)

The next song on the list is Clavellina Hermosa from the album Mis Inicios. This is a slower-paced song and has a more sultry feel to it. The lyrics talk about a beautiful woman desired by many men, and the singer is asking her to be his one and only. This song has a classic ranchera sound with the use of Mariachi instruments. The lyrics are written by José Alfredo Jiménez, who is considered one of the best Mexican songwriters of all time. It has that sound that can only come from a Rocío Dúrcal recording.

8. Por Fiesta De Cabra (1967)

At number eight, we have “Por Fiesta de Cabra.” It was released in 1967 as part of the album ” Sus Primeros Ep’s en Philips.” This song has a more traditional feel, with Durcal’s clear vocals meshing well with the simple ranchera instrumental. The song is about a woman waiting for her love to return and how she will never forget him. It’s a classic example of Durcal’s ability to infuse emotion into her songs. Its critical response was highly positive, with many fans praising her vocal performance.

7. la reunión (1998)

Another great Durcal’s song is “La Reunión,” a piece telling a story of a long-awaited reunion. The message is simple but heartwarming, emphasizing the value of connection. And while most people don’t see their friends and families as often as they’d like, this song reminds them that those bonds are always worth celebrating. You can enjoy it when you finally see your loved ones again. The feel-good vibes of “La Reunión” will make any reunion even sweeter.

6. Piropos de mi barrio (1969)

Another classic piece shows Durcal’s classic ranchera style, “Piropos de mi barrio.” It is from the album Mis Inicios and was released in 1969. The lyrics are a tribute to the men of her neighborhood who would serenade her with compliments (or “piropos”) as she walked by. She reflects on how those men made her feel special and how she will never forget them. The song is nostalgic and empowering, with Durcal’s clear vocals shining through.

5. Tu Carita (1974)

Next, we have “Tu Carita,” a song about a woman talking about her lover. The lyrics explain how much she loves him and how he is the only one for her. She also asks him never to leave her side. It’s the kind of song you want to play when you’re in a romantic scene. This song was released in 1974 and was a big hit in Mexico. It is still popular today and is often played at weddings and other special occasions.

4. Trebolle

Trebolle was released as a single from her album Cuando Te Encuentre. The song was written by Rocío Dúrcal and Joaquín Galán. Its lyrics speak of a woman’s love for a man who is not entirely faithful to her. She tells him that she knows he has been with other women, but she still loves him and is willing to forgive him. The song was a massive hit in Mexico, reaching the top of the charts; and is one of Rocío Dúrcal’s most iconic songs and is still popular today.

3. Búfalo Bill (1974)

Búfallo Bill is a ranchera ballad that tells the story of a woman whose lover abandons. She compares him to the famous Wild West character, Buffalo Bill, who was also known for leaving his loved ones behind. Durcal’s powerful vocal performance and the song’s catchy melody make it one of her most memorable hits. It’s one of those ranchera songs that even non-fans can’t help but sing along to. The beat is infectious, and the lyrics are relatable, making it a timeless classic.

2. Camino De La Felicidad (1961)

Next up is “Camino de la Felicidad,” which means “path to happiness.” This song is all about continuing on your journey, even when it’s tough because ultimately, it will lead you to a better place. The lyrics are incredibly inspiring, and they talk about how we should never give up on ourselves or our dreams. This is one of Rocio’s best songs, and it’s one that always motivates me to keep going no matter what. Although it is in Spanish, the message is universal, and it’s a song that everyone can relate to.

1. Volver A Verte (1992)

Without this ranchera classic, “Volver A Verte.” It offers some of the most beautiful lyrics that Rocio has ever sung. It’s a love song about wanting to see someone again, even though you know it’s not possible. It’s a song that always makes me emotional, and it’s one of those rare songs that is both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Everything about this song makes it a masterpiece, and that’s why it tops our list.


Rocío Durcal is one of the greats in the ranchera genre, and these are just a few of her many incredible songs. She was and remained a true icon, and her music continues to touch people’s hearts all over the world. Her voice was unique, and her ability to convey emotion through her songs was unmatched. She will always be remembered as one of the greatest singers. The above is what we believe to be her 10 best songs, but she has many other great ones worth checking out.

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