Manuel Turizo is a Colombian singer well-known in Latin America and beyond. He is classified as a reggaeton artist. However, he has taken inspiration from pop, trap, and vallenato, which is a kind of Colombian folk music from the country’s Caribbean coast for the most part. Turizo released “Una Lady Como Tú” in 2016. That made him a name to watch for numerous parties. Since then, Turizo has confirmed that faith by following up with other international hits. As such, he seems destined for even greater things to come.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Manuel Turizo songs released so far:

10. “Copa Vacia”

Turizo’s success has enabled him to team up with numerous artists. For instance, “Copa Vacia” is the product of a collaboration with Shakira, one of the most famous singers to ever emerge from Colombia. Regardless, “Copa Vacia” means “Empty Cup.” This is a fitting name because the lyrics describe a less-than-harmonious picture. The narrator wants the relationship. Unfortunately, they aren’t getting what they want out of it, thus explaining their description of their situation as satisfying their thirst using an empty cup. The music video further supports the interpretation of the narrator being trapped.

9. “Desconocidos”

“Desconocidos” is another example of Turizo’s collaborations with other artists. In this case, he worked with three singers. Two are Mau and Ricky Rodriguez, who are sons of the Argentine-Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner. The last is Camilo, a Colombian singer who won a talent show called Factor XS in 2007. Turizo had to share the spotlight on this song. Even so, it was worth it because “Desconocidos” was a huge success. For example, it was a number-two hit in Colombia. Similarly, it sold more than 660,000 copies in the United States.

8. “Te Quemaste”

“Te Quemaste” didn’t do as well as “Desconocidos.” Still, it was a Top 10 hit in Colombia and Spain, which is impressive by any reasonable standard. Interested individuals should know this is a post-breakup song. However, the narrator is past the point of heartache. Instead, the lyrics reveal they’ve moved on to drawing vindictive joy from their ex being caught in a situation of their ex’s making.

7. “Sola”

Chances are good that interested individuals can guess “Sola” means “alone.” After all, it’s not far from the English “solo,” with which it shares a Latin origin. Despite the name, “Sola” is a relationship song. It’s different from “Te Quemaste” in that it’s still at the very start of things rather than standing in the ashes of the burning aftermath.

6. “Culpables”

“Culpables” is another song with a title that English speakers should have no problem understanding. Unsurprisingly, it’s another relationship song. Specifically, this one is about the blow-up of what seems to have been a particularly messy relationship. As such, the narrator doesn’t even try to wiggle out of blame. Instead, he pins it on both him and his ex while trying to shield others. It’s a fascinating picture for a highly entertaining song.

5. “Esclavo De Tus Besos”

Turizo teamed up with the Puerto Rican rapper Ozuna for this one. It had a respectable performance in Colombia by reaching the number six position. On top of that, it sold more than 60,000 copies in the United States, thus enabling it to claim a platinum certification.

4. “La Nota”

Interested individuals should know that Turizo isn’t one of those artists who can consistently land songs in the Top 10 but struggle to make it to the top of the charts. After all, he has already done so on more than one occasion. For proof, consider how “La Nota” topped the charts in Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. The song’s name means “The Note,” though it’s more specifically about a young woman who drives men wild. Unsurprisingly, much of the song’s appeal comes from its energy and catchiness.

3. “La Bachata”

“La Bachata” was a chart-topper in Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. People should know this is a post-relationship song. What makes it stand out is that its narrator maintains perspective. They know they’ll get over their heartache in the long run. Unfortunately, that’s the future rather than the present. As such, they’re still incapable of preventing themselves from hurting now, thus making the song’s lyrics more authentic in their sentiments.

2. “Esperándote”

This song never reached the top of a chart. Instead, it topped at the number seven position in Colombia. Similarly, it was a Top 20 hit in Mexico and the United States’s Latin pop market. Even so, this song has proven highly popular, meaning interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to check it out.

1. “Una Lady Como Tú”

“Una Lady Como Tú” didn’t come out of nowhere. Turizo had become interested in music because of his music teacher, thus resulting in him pursuing a career as a musician rather than a veterinarian. Indeed, he released not one but two songs before it, which went under the metaphorical radar for the most part. As such, “Una Lady Como Tú” was the song that introduced Turizo to the world and vice versa. Some artists see a gradual upswing in popularity before their initial breakthrough.

Turizo was one of the artists propelled to the forefront by a single song. “Una Lady Como Tú” was number three in his homeland of Colombia. Simultaneously, it fell one spot short of becoming a chart-topper in Mexico and Spain. The song even went eight times platinum in the U.S. Latin market by selling more than 480,000 copies. Turizo has since shown he’s by no means a one-hit wonder. Still, “Una Lady Como Tú” deserves special recognition for being the song that launched his career.

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